[vbox-dev] grabbing text mode output

Michael Thayer Michael.Thayer at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 13 10:00:37 GMT 2008

Lonnie Princehouse wrote:
> I'm using VBox to help develop a research OS.  VBox is great tool for this,
> and it's significantly sped up my development cycle -- so many thanks to
> everyone responsible :)
> My current situation is that I have no working disk or network driver for
> the client OS, but I need to get debugging info somehow. It runs in text
> mode, so I want to hack the VirtualBox-OSE graphics emulator to dump
> text-mode output into a file on the (Linux) host.
Hello Lonnie,

Does your OS support serial output?  That might be simpler, as you can
divert guest serial output into a pipe on the host.



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