[vbox-dev] makefile questions

Desmond Chapman que_deseja at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 8 05:43:20 GMT 2008

Okay. FreeBSD 7.0 amd64.

>From Makefile.kmk

        + $(KMK) VBOX_ONLY_ADDITIONS=1 \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.freebsd.amd64= \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.freebsd.x86= \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.linux.amd64=1 \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.linux.x86=1 \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.solaris.amd64=1 \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.solaris.x86=1 \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.win.amd64=1 \
                VBOX_WITH_ADDITIONS_ISO.win.x86=1 \"

Nothing is set for FreeBSD here. Do I set this? Will it be added to the next release?

" ls tools
CommonFetch.kmk        linux.amd64        solaris.x86
Makefile-ose.kmk    linux.x86        win.amd64
darwin.x86        os2.x86            win.x86
freebsd.x86        solaris.amd64"

There is no entry for freebsd.amd64. Why not? 

>From AutoConfig.kmk

"SDK_VBOX_ZLIB_INCS             := "

Why the lack of any value?

"VBOX_WITH_TESTSUITE            := 

Should any of these be with any set value? 

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