[vbox-dev] make(1) Error 2 after an invalid Unix command seems to have been run on FreeBSD (was: New Build)

Jason Spiro jasonspiro2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 14:01:40 GMT 2008

2008/10/7 Desmond Chapman <que_deseja at hotmail.com> wrote:
> -DVA_COPY\(a\,b\)=__builtin_va_copy\(a\,b\)
> -Wp,-MD,/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/out/freebsd.amd64/release/obj/src/libs/xpcom18a4/xpidl/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.o.dep
> -Wp,-MT,/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/out/freebsd.amd64/release/obj/src/libs/xpcom18a4/xpidl/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.o
> -Wp,-MP -o
> /usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/out/freebsd.amd64/release/obj/src/libs/xpcom18a4/xpidl/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.o
> /usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/src/libs/xpcom18a4/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.c
> kmk[3]: Leaving directory
> `/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/src/libs/xpcom18a4'
> kmk[2]: *** [pass_bldprogs_before] Error 2
> kmk[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/src/libs'
> kmk[1]: *** [pass_bldprogs_before] Error 2
> kmk[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/src'
> kmk: *** [pass_bldprogs_before] Error 2
> I found part of the howto/build on a Russian FreeBSD site.
> http://www.bsdportal.ru/viewtopic.php?t=18808&sid=c0a8b366efa1d8496aa764be393bc53a
> Is there something I am missing in my environment?

The command

{{begin quote}}
-Wp,-MP -o /usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/out/freebsd.amd64/release/obj/src/libs/xpcom18a4/xpidl/xpcom/typelib/xpidl/xpidl.o
{{end quote}}

is not a valid Unix command.  Maybe you did not copy and paste
starting on a valid line boundary.  Every time you email us, please
tell us your OS version, compiler version, and what you typed to do
the build.  In this case, it would've helped if you told us more of
the output.  50 lines of output is always fine.  In this case, please
also use the "script" command to make a log of everything you type and
everything that happens starting from right after you decompress
VirtualboxOSE.tar.gz, rename it to typescript.txt, and attach it.

Also:  I improved the subject line for you.  :)

Another thing:  VirtualBox does not work on FreeBSD.  How much C / C++
experience do you have?  Could you point us to samples of your
contributions to the open source community, if any?  If I am going to
be helping you build vbox on a platform it was never made to build on,
I want to know that you will be able to fix the incompatibilities that
also stop it from *working* on FreeBSD in the first place.  :)


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