[vbox-dev] Okay, now what?

nolan de souza nolandsouza at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 18:13:45 GMT 2008

I've tried building it today, natively (and not as linux emulated.) Hit some
build problems midway including a siginfo_t one that I mentioned in an email
a few hours back. I think I've fixed that one but am still yet to fix

Does anyone know the exact build procedure for FreeBSD? Have we had a
successful build from trunk thus far?

- Nolan.

On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 9:08 PM, Desmond Chapman <que_deseja at hotmail.com>wrote:

>  Successfully generated '/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/AutoConfig.kmk'
> and '/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/env.sh'.
> Source '/usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/env.sh' once before you start to
> build VBox:
>   source /usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0/env.sh
>   kmk
> +++
>   Hardening is enabled which means that the VBox binaries will not run from
>   the binary directory. The binaries have to be installed suid root and
> some
>   more prerequisites have to be fulfilled which is normally done by
> installing
>   the final package. For development, the hardening feature can be disabled
>   by specifying the --disable-hardening parameter. Please never disable
> that
>   feature for the final distribution!
> +++
> Enjoy!
> #
> I believe Linux emulation is at kernel 2.4.x while the kernel is = & >
> 2.6.18. The only project I know of that may have an updated linux kernel
> is the Debian kFReeBSD one. Am I to run the build and Vbox as a Linux
> emulated process or as a FreeBSD native binary? I'm aware that Vbox uses
> some qemu instructions. In that area, I've had some trouble using qemu on
> Amd64. Will I need to make the qemu more stable on myfreebsd-box or is that
> part of the build already stable within the vbox binaries?
> Back to the config, is it ready to build now and how?
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