[vbox-dev] webservice and SOAPpy

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jakob at mikrov.dk
Fri May 9 09:48:17 GMT 2008

OK - I'm sorry, I didn't know that there was a webservice for virtualBox :-S
I just thought this was a matter of running a webservice from inside a guest system.


/Jakob Simon-Gaarde

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Emne: Re: [vbox-dev] webservice and SOAPpy

Jakob Simon-Gaarde wrote:
> How on earth should the vbox developers know that, when you don't even mention VirtualBox or the fact that it is on a virtualbox system you have the problem... You don't give details on the hostsystem nor the guestsystem and the subject does not suggest that the question has anything to do with VirtualBox.

It's getting quite funny here. This _is_ the right mailing list. It's 
clearly talking about some usage problem of the vbox webservice api. 
However the people who could quickly answer this question are way 
overbooked at the moment so please bear with them that they can't answer 


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