[vbox-dev] My description of function of TUN TAP interface. Please for correct.

Pavel Muller pav.muller at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 15:41:16 GMT 2008

Hier is link with my diagram TUN TAP communication.

Blocks on the diagram:

Aplikace - something application which use virtual network interface
/dev/net/tun - virtual network interface -> it is OK?
universal TUN TAP interface - driver for virtual network interface -> it is
ovladac eth0 - driver eth0 (sorry for czech language:) )
eth0 - NIC (physical hardware)

White narrow - show route (way) outgoing (data from application to the
red narrow - show route (way) incoming (data from the network to the

OUTGOING communication
1)App send data (with virtual IP) to the TCP/IP stack.

2)TCP/IP stack decide that data are determined for virtual network interface
and send

    they to the universal TUN TAP interface.

3)universal TUN TAP interface send data to the /dev/net/tun

4)/dev/net/tun send data to the TCP/IP stack

5)TCP/IP stack send data to eth0 driver

6)eth0 driver send data to NIC

INCOMING communication
1)From the NIC to eth0 driver
2)From eth0 driver to TCP/IP stack
3)From TCP/IP stack to universal TUN TAP interface
4)From universal TUN TAP interface to /dev/net/tun
5)From /dev/net/tun to Application

Thanks for your help.
Regard Pavel
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