[vbox-dev] Implementation of VDCopy

Kristian Vlaardingerbroek kris at arbalest.nl
Sat Mar 8 13:11:43 GMT 2008

On Mar 7, 2008, at 3:14 PM, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:

> Kristian Vlaardingerbroek wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Attached a patch for an implementation of VDCopy in VBoxHDD-new.cpp.
>> It's mostly implemented except for the move and rename.
> As I've already said on IRC, the core functionality of this is near
> perfect. What's missing is handling the error situations properly (as
> defined in the function description), and also the progress indicator
> isn't used at all. If you're motivated to add that, we could integrate
> this as a partial implementation straight away. Otherwise it'll take a
> little longer as we'd have to find time adding those bits and pieces.

I've added the progress indicator and also cleanup in case of error.  
If there's anything else that needs to be done I'll add it to the code.

Attached is a patch to the current SVN (which includes the previous  
patch I send so feel free to ignore that one).

I license these changes under the MIT license.

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Kristian Vlaardingerbroek

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