[vbox-dev] SVN Trunk does not build on OS X

Mike Martin mmartin at moka5.com
Mon Aug 11 21:54:39 GMT 2008

Recent changes to src/VBox/Main/darwin/iokit.cpp have broken the SVN build.

The DARWIN_IOKIT_* macros, and the darwinDictGet* functions, are only defined if VBOX_WITH_USB is defined. However, the DVD and Ethernet code make use of these routines and macros.

Moving the #ifdef VBOX_WITH_USB check from just before darwinDictIsPresent down to just after the line:
#endif /* helpers for dumping registry dictionaries */

Lets it build. After making that change, and commenting out the NetFlt dependency, I was able to get a version of VBox running that could boot Knoppix.

While tracking this down, however, I also found that the logging macros themselves are a little problematic: the first DARWIN_IOKIT_LOG - which is the one that is normally used - isn't modeling varargs the same way its alternatives are. The parens in Log(a) look like they should be removed. Also, in the final set of options, LOG is defined twice and LOG_FLUSH is never defined. Even though those defines can never be compiled, it still looks wrong.

I can produce a patch for these now if desired, but in the meantime, moving the #ifdef VBOX_WITH_USB line will suffice to let the SVN build work.

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