[vbox-dev] build breaks on OS/2

Dmitry A. Kuminov dmik at sun.com
Sun Apr 20 09:32:09 GMT 2008

Hi Andy,

Andy Willis wrote:

> Here is a complete diff of changes I had to make to get Virtualbox to
>  build for OS/2. I don't know if in all cases this is the best route
> but it worked.  In the case for emgca.asm it is not a solution in
> fact but I don't remember enough assembly to even start to remember
> the equivalent of an #ifdef. As this is mostly fixing syntax errors
> or copying code from other sections in the code I don't think it is
> required but just in case I allow this to be MIT license or public
> domain; whichever is simplest to use.

Thank you for the patches. Actually all issues were fixed but not
committed. Good you popped it up. The fixes will appear in the SVN soon.

Dmitry A. Kuminov

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