[vbox-dev] Generic open and clone

Chris Wolfe cwolfe at globetrotter.net
Thu Jan 25 13:07:14 GMT 2007

I started looking at ways to plug in the image conversion features I
need (for one, import and export of raw images). The simplest approach
seems to be leveraging the existing create/open/clone behavior as used
by "VBoxManage clonevdi" (adding optional -informat and -outformat

Doing so, however, requires the ability to open from and clone to
arbitrary HardDiskStorageTypes. Is there anything in the pipe that would
provide something like the attached interface change? If not, I think I
can get the underlying changes implemented without stepping on too many

(My contributions to the attached file are hereby placed in the Public
Domain. Not that I think they were Copyrightable in the first place, but
let's keep the lawyers happy.)

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