[vbox-dev] kompiling vbox kernel module

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at ciphirelabs.com
Mon Jan 15 13:02:55 GMT 2007


it would be nice if I could compile the vbox kernel module myself,
and do that independent of the rest of vbox.

the vmware any any package is a nice example - that code can be
easily compiled yourself with most versions of the linux kernel.
but of course I'd prefer vbox with GPL'ed source :)

I tried to compile vbox myself so far on ubuntu edgy (so I get
a GPL version for running at work), and I found this:
  - on ubuntu edgy I need libqt3-mt-dev installed for the qconfig.h file
  - the kernel module doesn't work:
	 "vboxdrv": Unknown symbol __stack_chk_fail

If I could recompile the kernel module with "-fno-stack-protector" it
should work I guess. any idea how to do that? also I want to recompile
the kernel module if I update e.g. from to .3, not the whole
virtualbox - if that is possible.

Regards, Andreas

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