[vbox-dev] movzx error compiling on Mac OS X

Knut St. Osmundsen bird at innotek.de
Fri Aug 31 16:06:03 GMT 2007

Kyle Harrigan wrote:
> kBuild: Compiling RuntimeR3 - generic/critsect-generic.cpp
> {standard input}:772:no such 386 instruction: `movzx'
> Any ideas?  This is Intel Mac btw. 

It's a compare and exchange function from include/iprt/asm.h that's 
causing this. The thing is it works fine with the gnu assembler and I've 
never seen it on mac os x myself yet. Anyway, I'll change the 2-3 uses 
of it movzbl and see if that helps. If it still doesn't work I would 
need to know the assembler version, the 'as -v' output.

There are a couple of other build breaks on the mac at present that 
we're working on correcting. The first one is in generic/env-generic.cpp 
  and the second is that the kLdr stuff on svn.netlabs.org is going thru 
some refactoring. The first issue you can work around (if I haven't got 
around fixing it by then) by just make a dummy "char **environ = NULL;" 
global variable. The second issue you can work around by checking out 
the kLdr code from a month ago.

Kind Regards,

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