[vbox-dev] OpenGL Additions

Ranando King rwking at usa.net
Tue Aug 28 07:15:43 GMT 2007

I noticed that when I looked throught the code. That stuff is a nightmare to
trace through!!!  But anyway, I 've been using a demo/benchmark program I 
found at http://www.glexcess.com/defaultn.asp to test how well the 
implementation is working. As of tonight's SVN, I haven't been able to 
reproduce the problem I mentioned. 

At the same time, I'm getting very low frame rates. By low, I mean less than 
10 in many cases on this application when I run it full screen at 
1280x1024x32. I did notice something when I ran it at 640x480x32. It seemed 
to run relatively smooth for short periods, then slow down. At the same time, 
the fps meter would show high frame rates during the slow period and low 
rates during the smooth period. I guess I still don't have the OpenGL 
extensions configured properly. I followed the instructions from bug report 
475 in my attempt to configure.

So if someone will please list the instructions for configuring the OpenGL 
additions after building them, I would greatly appreciate it.


On Monday 27 August 2007 06:40, you wrote:
> Hi Ranando,
> I haven't seen that behaviour here yet. Typically applications use a
> blocking flush to empty the command queue
> and that blocks the thread in the guest OS as well.
> Ranando King wrote:
> > Never mind. I commented out some restricting lines in VMMDevInterface.cpp
> > and got it going. But I'm noticing something. I'm using the GLXS
> > benchmark to test performance. While the benchmark is reporting something
> > between 20 & 115 fps for complex scenes, I cansee that the display is not
> > keeping up. The display appears to be giving me something more akin to
> > 3-5 fps. When I look in the log file for the running session, I see a lot
> > of this:

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