[vbox-dev] OpenGL Additions

Ranando King rwking at usa.net
Sat Aug 25 23:29:20 GMT 2007

Never mind. I commented out some restricting lines in VMMDevInterface.cpp and 
got it going. But I'm noticing something. I'm using the GLXS benchmark to 
test performance. While the benchmark is reporting something between 20 & 115 
fps for complex scenes, I cansee that the display is not keeping up. The 
display appears to be giving me something more akin to 3-5 fps. When I look 
in the log file for the running session, I see a lot of this:

02:06:34.454 Display::handleDisplayResize(): uScreenId = 0, pvVRAM=aafb9000 
w=1280 h=1024 bpp=32 cbLine=0x1400
02:06:34.454 VBVA: Disabled.
02:06:34.454 VBVA: Enabled.
02:07:38.870 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60007706629 ns lag; new 
total: 6223199768674 ns
02:08:42.297 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60122606972 ns lag; new 
total: 6283322375646 ns
02:09:45.279 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60067235680 ns lag; new 
total: 6343389611326 ns
02:10:47.965 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60353114947 ns lag; new 
total: 6403742726273 ns
02:11:50.042 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60023610453 ns lag; new 
total: 6463766336726 ns
02:12:53.274 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60418342279 ns lag; new 
total: 6524184679005 ns
02:13:55.678 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60190330930 ns lag; new 
total: 6584375009935 ns
02:14:57.988 TM: Giving up catch-up attempt at a 60187478732 ns lag; new 
total: 6644562488667 ns

Unless I'm mistaken, it would appear that GL is flooding the system with 
update requests, so many that the display cannot keep up or even catch up. 
Assuming that the display is implemented via demand drawing so that when 
display updates aren't being made, cpu isn't being wasted, it might be a good 
idea to put an upper bound on how many update requests will be possible per 

I'm going to try and implement this on my own system, but if one of you gets 
it done first, I certainly won't complain.  :D


On Saturday 25 August 2007 00:38, Ranando King wrote:
> What is the current way to enable the OpenGL additions?
> I've finally managed to build the win32 guest additions and have installed
> the the drivers that were created. I followed the instructions from
> http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/475, but I'm not seeing any OpenGL
> acceleration.
> Both vbox and the additions were built from svn as of 08/23.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> R. King
> PS. BTW. Since wine's D3D work now uses wgl, wouldn't it be a good time to
> make another point release? 3D application support in a VM can't be
> anythnig but a major update all by itself!  Just my 2 cents.
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