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1This file contains some notes about things to try out to give the X.Org video
2driver a reasonably thorough test. We will add cases of things which have been
3known to fail in the past to this file as we discover them.
5 * Test XFree86 guests (CentOS 3), early X.Org (CentOS 5) and recent
6 (CentOS 6 and 7, current Ubuntu/Fedora). Test Solaris guests (10 and 11?).
7 * Dynamic resizing should work, on CentOS 6 and later Linux guests it should
8 work without VBoxClient running.
9 * Disabling and enabling virtual screens (VBoxManage in 4.3).
10 * Dynamic resizing with one of more virtual screens disabled.
11 * Test switching to virtual terminals and back from windowed, full screen and
12 seamless modes (seamless currently only works properly with VBoxClient
13 running).
14 * Test switching directly between normal, full-screen, seamless and scaled
15 modes.
16 * execute "xprop -root | grep VBOX" after resizing a screen: VBOX_SIZE_HINTS
17 should be set, and VBOX_SIZE_HINTS_MISMATCH should equal 0 on CentOS 6 and
18 later (4.4 and later).
19 * Test re-ordering the virtual screen using the native guest operating system
20 tools and make sure that mouse integration still works as expected.
21 * Test disabling and re-enabling guest screens with the native system tools.
22 * Try disabling and re-enabling mouse integration and check that capturing
23 works with multiple guest screens.
24 * Shutting down and re-starting a virtual machine should restore the last size
25 for all monitors (note: currently only after log-in). Full shut-down, not
26 a reboot.
27 * Test power management by disabling guest screens ("xrandr --output VGA-n
28 --off") and re-enabling them ("xrandr --output VGA-n --preferred --pos XxY")
29 where X and Y are the position of the screen before disabling it.
30 * Test sending video mode hints with screen position information via
31 VBoxManage. The screen position is a hint only. The approximate position
32 should be preserved after a shut down and re-start of the guest.
33 * Test re-starting the X server after resizing all guest windows. The server
34 should not crash.
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