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Additions/x11: updated vboxvideo testing guidelines.

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1This file contains some notes about things to try out to give the X.Org video
2driver a reasonably thorough test. We will add cases of things which have been
3known to fail in the past to this file as we discover them. Tests should be
4carried out with Additions installed, and both with and without 3D enabled in
5the machine settings.
7 * Test XFree86 guests (CentOS 3), early X.Org (CentOS 5) and recent
8 (CentOS 6 and 7, current Ubuntu/Fedora). Test Solaris guests (10 and 11?).
9 * Dynamic resizing should work, on CentOS 6 and later Linux guests it should
10 work without VBoxClient running.
11 * Disabling and enabling virtual screens (VBoxManage in 4.3).
12 * Dynamic resizing with one of more virtual screens disabled.
13 * Test switching to virtual terminals and back from windowed, full screen and
14 seamless modes (seamless currently only works properly with VBoxClient
15 running).
16 * Test switching directly between normal, full-screen, seamless and scaled
17 modes.
18 * Test re-ordering the virtual screen using the native guest operating system
19 tools and make sure that mouse integration still works as expected.
20 * Test disabling and re-enabling guest screens with the native system tools.
21 * Try disabling and re-enabling mouse integration and check that capturing
22 works with multiple guest screens.
23 * Shutting down and re-starting a virtual machine should restore the last size
24 for all monitors (note: currently only after log-in). Full shut-down, not
25 a reboot.
26 * Test power management by disabling guest screens ("xrandr --output VGA-n
27 --off") and re-enabling them ("xrandr --output VGA-n --preferred --pos XxY")
28 where X and Y are the position of the screen before disabling it.
29 * Test sending video mode hints with screen position information via
30 VBoxManage. The screen position is a hint only. The approximate position
31 should be preserved after a shut down and re-start of the guest.
32 * Test re-starting the X server after resizing all guest windows. The server
33 should not crash.
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