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    2121 * If '''USB doesn't work,''' check your usbfs permissions. See "Troubleshooting" -> "Linux hosts" in the [wiki:"Downloads" User Manual] for a solution. 
     23 * When installing from a Debian/Ubuntu package, the installation script will ask the user to accept the [wiki:"VirtualBox_PUEL" VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL).] exactly once. Accepting this license is necessary to install this package. Some Debian/Ubuntu systems have selected the '''non-interactive debconf frontend'''. The license dialog can not be displayed on these systems and the package will refuse to install itself. The recommended debconf frontend is either '''GNOME''' or '''KDE''' which can be selected using 
     25dpkg-reconfigure debconf 
     27  executed as root. Some systems use the '''dialog''' frontend which is acceptable as well. Note that to accept the license with this frontend, the user has to use the tabulator key to switch to 'Yes'. Clicking with mouse will not work. This is a limitation of this specific debconf frontend. 
    2329 * Debian/Ubuntu 1.3.2 packages: If the installation of the !VirtualBox_*.deb package was not successful because the compilation of the kernel module fails, it might not be possible to remove the package nor to install other packages as the pre-remove (prerm) script of the package (which is executed prior to package removing or upgrading) aborts with an error '''"(Kernel module not found)!"'''. In that case do the following:  
    2430  * Edit /etc/init.d/virtualbox and change line 129 from 'exit 1' to 'exit 0' 
    2733  * Execute 'dpkg --configure --pending' 
    2834  * The package should now be installed successfully. However, the kernel module is still not compiled. Before you will be able to execute !VirtualBox you have to create a kernel module for your current kernel, as described in the User Manual (see our Downloads section). 
     35 This shouldn't be necessary anymore for newer Debian packages. 
    3037== Windows hosts ==
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