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OS/2 build instructions

The OS/2 port is not yet completed. These instructions are here for those who wish to help out.

Prerequisites on OS/2

Building VirtualBox

  1. Load the gcc environment (gccenv.cmd).
  2. Make sure the environment variables USER or USERNAME is set to something sensible.
  3. Change to the root directory of the sources and execute
  4. To build type
    The default is to a release build, should you wish to do a debug or profile build add BUILD_TYPE=debug or BUILD_TYPE=profile as argument to kmk or set it as an environment variable.

Running VirtualBox

Since this is work in progress there are just testcases and a not very useful VBoxBFE to run at this point. If you like to see the VBoxBFE SDL window and immediatly hit an assertion, do this:

  1. Change directory to out\os2.x86\release\bin
  2. Add this directory to the BEGINLIBPATH variable (full path, remember).
  3. Set the env.var.: VBOX_SUPLIB_FAKE=fake
  4. Execute .\VBoxBFE.exe -m 64. You should now get a brief glimpse of a SDL window and then a fatal assertion saying it doesn't know how to load VMMR0.r0.
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