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OS/2 build instructions

The OS/2 port is not yet completed. These instructions are here for those who wish to help out.

Prerequisites on OS/2

Building VirtualBox

  1. Load the gcc environment (gccenv.cmd).
  2. Change to the root directory of the sources and execute
  3. To build type
    The default is to a release build, should you wish to do a debug or profile build add BUILD_TYPE=debug or BUILD_TYPE=profile as argument to kmk or set it as an environment variable.

Running VirtualBox

Since this is work in progress there are just testcases and a not very useful VBoxBFE to run at this point. If you like to see the VBoxBFE SDL window and immediatly hit an assertion, do this:

  1. Change directory to out\os2.x86\release\bin
  2. Add this directory to the BEGINLIBPATH variable (full path, remember).
  3. Set the env.var.: VBOX_SUPLIB_FAKE=fake
  4. Execute .\VBoxBFE.exe -m 64. You should now get a brief glimpse of a SDL window and then a fatal assertion saying it doesn't know how to load VMMR0.r0.
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