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Mailing lists

The VirtualBox mailing lists are our preferred means of staying in touch with you. However, this only works if the VirtualBox community respects a couple of rules:

  1. Choose the right mailing list for your posting. Do not ask "How do I create a VM?" on the developer mailing list.
  1. Search the mailing list archive before posting. Most likely your request has already been addressed in the past.

Currently, the following mailing lists exist:

  • VirtualBox announcements list

This is a low-volume list with VirtualBox-related announcements, such as notifications about new versions. It's always a good idea to subscribe to this list. Only the VirtualBox maintainers can post here.

List address:

  • VirtualBox user discussions list

This is the right place for end users to discuss VirtualBox, ask for help, report problems, help others, etc. Please keep in mind that the list volume might become quite high.

List address:
Gmane interface:

  • VirtualBox developers list

This mailing lists targets software developers working on VirtualBox or making use of the VirtualBox application programming interfaces (APIs). It does not target end users.

List address:
Gmane interface:
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