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Status: Guest OSes

The following table gives an overview of how the various Guest operating systems are supported under VirtualBox.

Guest OS name Works Stability Performance Remarks
Darwin no -- -- Currently not working.
FreeBSD yes good good FreeBSD 6.2 is known to cause problems. No Guest Additions available yet.
Linux 2.4 yes good very good
Linux 2.6 yes good very good Kernel 2.6.13 or above recommended for better performance. Kernel 2.6.18 (and some 2.6.17) contain a race condition that may cause boot crashes in VirtualBox.
OpenBSD yes good good OpenBSD 4.0 might not work well, a fix will be in the next version of VirtualBox. No Guest Additions available yet.
OpenSolaris no -- -- Currently there are problems with networking.
OS/2 Warp yes good very good Requires VT-x hardware virtualization support. Only MCP2 is reported to work reliably so far. No Guest Additions available yet.
ReactOS no -- -- Currently not working.
Windows NT 4.0 yes good very good Some issues with old service packs. Recommended to install service pack 6a.
Windows 2000 yes very good very good
Windows XP yes very good very good
Windows Server 2003 yes very good very good
Windows Vista yes good good Vista doesn't include a suitable network driver. You have to download an NDIS5 driver from the AMD web site.
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