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    7 '''!VirtualBox 5.2.8''' (released 2018-02-27)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    8 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    9  * VMM: added support for FSGSBASE, PCID, INVPCID CPU features for guests 
    10  * VMM: fixed EMM386 issue with detecting suitable page frame base (bug #10022) 
    11  * Front end: Linux: prevent VM window from jumping and auto-resizing to tiny size after resizing it on HiDPI screen 
    12  * Front end: Linux: fixed seamless regression caused by wm_class functionality (bugs #12534, #17304) 
    13  * Front end: switched to https downloads 
    14  * Front end: fixed crash while opening New machine wizard (s.a. forums topic 86592) 
    15  * Audio: added support for distinguishing recording sources in the PulseAudio mixer on the host when multiple VMs are running 
    16  * Audio: various fixes for the DirectSound backend 
    17  * Video recording: added better file seeking support and fixed playback of recorded files with certain players (e.g. Firefox) 
    18  * Audio: various fixes for Windows guest surround setups 
    19  * Audio: various fixes for HDA emulation 
    20  * Serial: fixed an issue where the serial port parameters in the emulation and host serial port got out of sync (bug #17116) 
    21  * Storage: fixed overwriting certain INQUIRY data for the DVD/CD drive attached to a AHCI controller 
    22  * Storage: fixed handling VMDK images created by Amazon EC2 VM export 
    23  * Network: fixed PXE boot regression in e1000 
    24  * Network: Added a workaround for older guests which do not enable bus mastering for the virtio PCI device 
    25  * 3D: add environment variable to configure presenting 3D content on main thread (see bug #13653) 
    26  * Windows hosts: fixed indiscriminate binding of NDIS5 bridged driver, that caused PPPOE malfunction (bugs #16407, #17489) 
    27  * Windows guests: fixed incorrect function error when using shared folders in certain applications (bug #14118) 
    28  * Linux guests: Linux 4.15 support (bugs #17311, #17320, #17282) 
    29  * Linux guests: fixed black screen when 3D enabled in guests (bug #17463, 5.2.6 regression) 
    30  * Linux guests: suppress setuid and setgid in shared folders 
    32 [=#v6] 
    33 '''!VirtualBox 5.2.6''' (released 2018-01-15)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    34 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    35  * GUI: fixed occasional screen corruption when host screen resolutio n is changed 
    36  * User interface: increase proposed disk size when creating new VMs for Windows 7 and newer 
    37  * User interface: various improvements for high resolution screens 
    38  * VMM: Fixed problems using 256MB VRAM in raw-mode VMs 
    39  * Audio: implemented support for audio playback and recording for macOS guests 
    40  * Audio: further timing improvements for Windows 10 guests 
    41  * Linux hosts: fixed problem accessing mini-toolbar under XFCE (bug #17280, contributed by Dusan Gallo) 
    43 [=#v4] 
    44 '''!VirtualBox 5.2.4''' (released 2017-12-19)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    45 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    46  * User interface: Adjusting desktop file for X11 window managers (bug #17312) 
    47  * User interface: various high resolution display adjustments 
    48  * Audio: fixed SB16 volume handling (5.2 regression) 
    49  * Audio: various fixes 
    50  * USB/OHCI: fixed a problem where OHCI emulation might sporadically drop data transfers 
    51  * Linux hosts: fixed screen corruption when the host screen changes and a virtual machine window is maximized 
    52  * X11 Guest Additions: fixed a hang at the GNOME Shell login screen with 3D enabled (5.2 regression, bugs #17189 and #17190) 
    54 [=#v2] 
    55 '''!VirtualBox 5.2.2''' (released 2017-11-24)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    56 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    57  * User interface: various improvements for high resolution screens 
    58  * User interface: added functionality to duplicate optical and floppy images 
    59  * User interface: various improvements for the virtual media manager 
    60  * VMM: fixed emulation so that Plan 9 guests can start once more (5.1.0 regression) 
    61  * Storage: fixed regression breaking iSCSI (bug #17196) 
    62  * Audio: added HDA support for more exotic guests (e.g. Haiku) 
    63  * Serial: fixed hanging I/O when using named pipes on Windows (5.2.0 regression; bug #17227) 
    64  * Serial: fixed broken communication with certain devices on Linux hosts 
    65  * USB/OHCI: improved behavior so that the controller state after a VM reset is closer to the initial state after VM start 
    66  * EFI: fixed HFS+ driver which in rare cases failed to access most files on a volume 
    67  * Shared clipboard: fixed hang with OS X host and Linux guest (bug #15782) 
    68  * Linux hosts: fixed kernel module compilation and start failures with Linux kernel 4.14 (bug #17267) 
    69  * X11 hosts: better handle WM_CLASS setting (bug #12534) 
    70  * Linux guests: fixed kernel module compilation and other problems with Linux kernel 4.14 (bug #12534) 
    71  * Linux guests: fixed kernel module compilation and other problems with Linux kernel 4.14 
    72  * Linux guests: fixed various 5.2.0 regressions (bug #17163) 
    73  * Bridged networking: fixed duplicate EtherType in VLAN/priority tags on Linux (5.2.0 regression; bug #17277) 
    75 [=#v0] 
    76 '''!VirtualBox 5.2.0''' (released 2017-10-18)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    77 This is a major update. The following major new features were added: 
    78  * VM export to Oracle Cloud (OPC) 
    79  * Unattended guest installation (bug #5810; see the manual for more information) 
    80  * Overhauled VM selector GUI (improved tools VM / global tools handling, new icons) 
    81  * Added experimental audio support for video recording 
    82 In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added: 
    83  * VMM: fixed reason for recent Linux kernels on also recent CPU models warning about "XSAVE consistency problem" 
    84  * GUI: Virtual Media Manager rework allowing to manage media attributes, like size, location, type and description 
    85  * GUI: Host-only Network Manager implemented to simplify managing corresponding networks and their attributes 
    86  * GUI: Snapshot Pane rework allowing to manage snapshot attributes, like name and description; reworked snapshot details which looks more clear, corresponds to VM Details pane and reflects current VM state difference according to last snapshot taken 
    87  * GUI: Audio settings extended with possibility to enable/disable audio input/output; corresponding changed were done to Audio and Video Capture settings pages; VM Devices menu and status-bar extended with corresponding actions and indicator as well 
    88  * GUI: improvements with accessibility support 
    89  * GUI: Fixed double mouse cursor when using mouse integration without Guest Additions, actually a Qt 5.6 bug fixed with QT 5.6.3 (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #15610) 
    90  * Audio: implemented (optional) device enumeration support for audio backends 
    91  * Audio: implemented support for host device callbacks (e.g. when adding or removing an audio device) 
    92  * Audio: HDA emulation now uses asynchronous data processing in separate threads 
    93  * Audio: implemented ability to enable or disable audio input / output on-the-fly 
    94  * Storage: implemented support for CUE/BIN images as CD/DVD media including multiple tracks 
    95  * Storage: implemented support for the controller memory buffer feature for NVMe 
    96  * Storage: first milestone of the I/O stack redesign landed 
    97  * E1000: Fix for Windows XP freeze when booting with unplugged cable 
    98  * NAT network: do not skip some port forwarding setup when multiple VMs are active (Windows hosts only; bug #17041) 
    99  * Serial: fixed extremely rare misbehavior on VM poweroff 
    100  * EFI: better video mode handling, supporting custom video modes and easier configuration (bug #6783) 
    101  * BIOS: properly report floppy logical sectors per track for unusual formats 
    102  * BIOS: update ATA disk parameter table vectors only if there is actually a corresponding ATA disk attached 
    103  * PXE: speed up booting by better handling pending packets when the link is not up yet 
    104  * VBoxManage: handle CPUID sub-leaf overrides better 
    105  * Windows Additions: fix several 3D related crashes 
    106  * Solaris hosts: allow increasing MTU size for host-only adapter to 9706 bytes to support jumbo frames 
    107  * Linux Additions: on systems using systemd, make sure that only the Guest Additions timesync service is active 
    108  * many unlisted fixes and improvements 
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