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    44All branches: [wiki:Changelog 4.2] · [wiki:Changelog-4.1 4.1] · [wiki:Changelog-4.0 4.0] · [wiki:Changelog-3.2 3.2] · [wiki:Changelog-3.1 3.1] · [wiki:Changelog-3.0 3.0] · [wiki:Changelog-2.2 2.2] · [wiki:Changelog-2.1 2.1] · [wiki:Changelog-2.0 2.0] · [wiki:Changelog-1.6 1.6] 
    6 '''!VirtualBox 4.2.12''' (release 2013-04-12)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     6'''!VirtualBox 4.2.14''' (released 2013-06-21)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     7This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     8 * VMM: another TLB invalidation fix for non-present pages 
     9 * VMM: fixed a performance regression (4.2.8 regression; bug #11674) 
     10 * GUI: fixed a crash on shutdown 
     11 * GUI: prevent stuck keys under certain conditions on Windows hosts (bugs #2613, #6171) 
     12 * VRDP: fixed a rare crash on the guest screen resize 
     13 * VRDP: allow to change VRDP parameters (including enabling/disabling the server) if the VM is paused 
     14 * USB: fixed passing through devices on Mac OS X host to a VM with 2 or more virtual CPUs (bug #7462) 
     15 * USB: fixed hang during isochronous transfer with certain devices (4.1 regression; Windows hosts only; bug #11839) 
     16 * USB: properly handle orphaned URBs (bug #11207) 
     17 * BIOS: fixed function for returning the PCI interrupt routing table (fixes NetWare 6.x guests) 
     18 * BIOS: don't use the ''ENTER'' / ''LEAVE'' instructions in the BIOS as these don't work in the real mode as set up by certain guests (e.g. Plan 9 and QNX 4) 
     19 * DMI: allow to configure DmiChassisType (bug #11832) 
     20 * Storage: fixed lost writes if iSCSI is used with snapshots and asynchronous I/O (bug #11479) 
     21 * Storage: fixed accessing certain VHDX images created by Windows 8 (bug #11502) 
     22 * Storage: fixed hang when creating a snapshot using Parallels disk images (bug #9617) 
     23 * 3D: seamless + 3D fixes (bug #11723) 
     24 * 3D: version 4.2.12 was not able to read saved states of older versions under certain conditions (bug #11718) 
     25 * Main/Properties: don't create a guest property for non-running VMs if the property does not exist and is about to be removed (bug #11765) 
     26 * Main/Properties: don't forget to make new guest properties persistent after the VM was terminated (bug #11719) 
     27 * Main/Display: don't lose seamless regions during screen resize 
     28 * Main/OVF: don't crash during import if the client forgot to call Appliance::interpret() (bug #10845) 
     29 * Main/OVF: don't create invalid appliances by stripping the file name if the VM name is very long (bug #11814) 
     30 * Main/OVF: don't fail if the appliance contains multiple file references (bug #10689) 
     31 * Main/Metrics: fixed Solaris file descriptor leak 
     32 * Settings: limit depth of snapshot tree to 250 levels, as more will lead to decreased performance and may trigger crashes 
     33 * VBoxManage: fixed setting the parent UUID on diff images using ''sethdparentuuid'' 
     34 * Linux hosts: work around for not crashing as a result of automatic NUMA balancing which was introduced in Linux 3.8 (bug #11610) 
     35 * Windows installer: force the installation of the public certificate in background (i.e. completely prevent user interaction) if the --silent command line option is specified 
     36 * Windows Additions: fixed problems with partial install in the unattended case 
     37 * Windows Additions: fixed display glitch with the Start button in seamless mode for some themes 
     38 * Windows Additions: Seamless mode and auto-resize fixes 
     39 * Windows Additions: fixed trying to to retrieve new auto-logon credentials if current ones were not processed yet 
     40 * Windows Additions installer: added the ''/with_wddm'' switch to select the experimental WDDM driver by default 
     41 * Linux Additions: fixed setting own timed out and aborted texts in information label of the lightdm greeter 
     42 * Linux Additions: fixed compilation against Linux 3.2.0 Ubuntu kernels (4.2.12 regression as a side effect of the Debian kernel build fix; bug #11709) 
     43 * X11 Additions: reduced the CPU load of VBoxClient in drag'and'drop mode 
     44 * OS/2 Additions: made the mouse wheel work (bug #6793) 
     45 * Guest Additions: fixed problems copying and pasting between two guests on an X11 host (bug #11792) 
     47'''!VirtualBox 4.2.12''' (released 2013-04-12)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    748This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    849 * VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation on putting Linux guest CPU online if nested paging is disabled 
    3778 * X11 Additions: support X.Org Server 1.14 (bug #11609) 
    39 '''!VirtualBox 4.2.10''' (release 2013-03-15)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     80'''!VirtualBox 4.2.10''' (released 2013-03-15)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    4081This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    4182 * GUI: fixed keyboard with XQuartz X server (bug #10664)
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