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    6 [=#v34] 
    7 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.34''' (released 2018-02-27)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    8 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    9  * VMM: Added support for FSGSBASE, PCID, INVPCID CPU features for guests 
    10  * VMM: Fixed EMM386 issue with detecting suitable page frame base (bug #10022) 
    11  * Front end: switched to https downloads 
    12  * Serial: fixed an issue where the serial port parameters in the emulation and host serial port got out of sync (bug #17116) 
    13  * Storage: fixed handling VMDK images created by Amazon EC2 VM export 
    14  * Audio: various fixes for HDA emulation 
    15  * 3D: add environment variable to configure presenting 3D content on main thread (see bug #13653) 
    16  * Windows hosts: fixed indiscriminate binding of NDIS5 bridged driver, that caused PPPOE malfunction (bugs #16407, #17489) 
    17  * Linux guests: Linux 4.15 support (bugs #17311, #17320, #17282) 
    18  * Linux guests: fixed black screen when 3D enabled in guests (bug #17463, 5.2.6 regression) 
    19  * Linux guests: suppress setuid and setgid in shared folders 
    21 [=#v32] 
    22 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.32''' (released 2018-01-15)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    23 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    24  * GUI: fixed occasional screen corruption when host screen resolution is changed 
    25  * User interface: increase proposed disk size when creating new VMs for Windows 7 and newer 
    26  * Serial: fixed broken communication with certain devices on Linux hosts 
    27  * VMM: Fixed problems using 256MB VRAM in raw-mode VMs 
    28  * Audio: added HDA support for more exotic guests (e.g. Haiku) 
    29  * Audio: fixed playback with ALSA backend (5.1.28 regression) 
    30  * USB/OHCI: fixed a problem where OHCI emulation might sporadically drop data transfers 
    31  * Windows hosts: VirtualBoxManager in the Python API no longer calls CoUninitialize when destroyed 
    32  * Linux hosts: fixed VBoxNetFlt kernel module compilation failure with Linux kernel 4.14 
    33  * Linux guests: fixed kernel module compilation and other problems with Linux kernel 4.14 
    35 [=#v30] 
    36 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.30''' (released 2017-10-16)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    37 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    38  * GUI: translation updates 
    39  * GUI: Fixed double mouse cursor when using mouse integration without Guest Additions, actually a Qt 5.6 bug fixed with QT 5.6.3 (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #15610) 
    40  * Solaris hosts: allow increasing MTU size for host-only adapter to 9706 bytes to support jumbo frames 
    41  * Linux hosts: glibc 2.26 compile fix 
    42  * Windows Additions: 3D related crash fix (bugs #17082, #17092) 
    44 [=#v28] 
    45 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.28''' (released 2017-09-13)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    46 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    47  * GUI: mouse events did not reach host windows behind the transparent VM window (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #16246) 
    48  * Audio: fixed accidental crashes when using the AC'97 sound emulation (bug #16959) 
    49  * Audio: fixed crash when default input or output devices have changed (bugs #16968, #16969, #17004) 
    50  * Audio: fixed recording when using the ALSA backend 
    51  * Audio: fixed handle leak when using the OSS backend 
    52  * E1000: fixed a crash related to VLAN traffic over internal network (5.1.26 regression; bug #16960) 
    53  * NAT: apply '''--natbindip1''' to TCP connections (bug #16478) 
    54  * OVF: when importing an appliance with XHCI controller, don't add an OHCI controller. 
    55  * Mac OS X hosts: fixed a GUI crash if Spotlight is used from file dialogs (5.1.20 regression; bugs #16935, #16953) 
    56  * Linux hosts: fixed creating fixed sized VDI images (bug #17010) 
    57  * Linux hosts / guests: fixes for Linux 4.4 of openSUSE Leap 42.3 (bug #16966) 
    58  * Bridged networking: align outgoing packet at word boundary, preventing Windows host crash in MsLbfoProvider. 
    59  * Linux Additions: kernel drm driver support for custom EL7 Linux 3.10 kernel 
    60  * Solaris Additions: hide an informational message on the bootup console 
    62 [=#v26] 
    63 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.26''' (released 2017-07-27)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    64 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    65  * VMM: reset the TSC on VM reset to work around a Windows bug (bug #16643) 
    66  * Audio: fixed memory leak when enabled with VRDP connections (5.1.24 regression; bug #16928) 
    67  * Audio: fixed creation of too many sound sinks on Linux hosts when using the PulseAudio backend (bug #16938) 
    68  * Audio: implemented record gain registers for AC'97 emulation; those are needed for newer Ubuntu guests which rely on those when controlling gain and muting the recording (capturing) levels 
    69  * Storage: fixed hang when using the emulated NVMe controller with the SPDK (bug #16945) 
    70  * Mouse: double click was not working with a precision touchpad (bug #14632) 
    71  * Linux hosts: properly bring up host-only network interfaces with iproute (5.1.24 regression; bug #16911) 
    72  * Linux hosts: provide Python 3 libraries for deb/rpm packages 
    73  * Windows hosts: make it possible to use host-only networking without having bridged networking installed 
    74  * Windows guests: fixed automatic logons for Vista and newer Windows guests (5.1.24 regression; bug #16921) 
    76 [=#v24] 
    77 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.24''' (released 2017-07-18)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    78 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    79  * VMM: mask the VME CPUID capability on AMD Ryzen processors for now to make certain guests works, for example Windows XP 
    80  * VMM: emulate more SSE2 instructions 
    81  * VMM: properly clear the TF and AC flags when dispatching real-mode interrupts 
    82  * GUI: fixes to make the mini-toolbar work with recent versions of KDE / Plasma (bug #16325) 
    83  * GUI: fixed a potential crash when a VM with multiple screens is running in full screen / seamless mode and a host screen is removed, for example when connecting to the host via RDP 
    84  * GUI: fixed initial size hints for guests which set intermediate sizes before responding (bug #16593) 
    85  * GUI: prevent stopped screen updates or black screen on reboot in a multi-screen setup under certain conditions 
    86  * Audio: many improvements for Windows 10 guests (bugs #15189, #15925, #16170, #16682, #16794 and others) 
    87  * Storage: fixed possible crash when using Intels SPDK 
    88  * API: use the correct file name of the VM machine state if the VM settings directory is renamed, for example during grouping / ungrouping a VM (bugs #16074 and #16745) 
    89  * API: return the correct error code if powering up a VM fails 
    90  * API: video recording did not automatically start at VM start when enabled in the VM settings (bug #16803) 
    91  * API: when relocating a medium, check that the target path is fully qualified 
    92  * EFI: fix for VMs with more than 3504MB RAM (bug #11103) 
    93  * Host-only adapter: correctly determine IPv4 netmasks on Windows hosts (bug #16826) 
    94  * NAT network: properly do the refcounting for starting / stopping the NAT / DHCP services if the NAT network is changed while the adapter network connection type is anything else but NAT network 
    95  * VBoxManage: fixed controlvm videocapfile (bug #16779) 
    96  * Windows hosts: another fix for Windows insider builds (bug #16892) 
    97  * Windows hosts: fixed crashes if driver verifier is enabled (bug #15741) 
    98  * Linux / Mac OS X hosts: more fixes for loading shared libraries (5.1.20 regression; bugs #16778, #16693) 
    99  * Linux hosts / guests: Linux 4.12 fixes (bugs #16725, #16800) 
    100  * Linux hosts / guests: reduce the kernel stack consumption for Linux kernels with ''CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK'' defined 
    101  * Linux hosts / guests: fixes for kernel modules built with gcc-7 (bug #16772) 
    102  * Linux hosts / guests: Linux 4.13 fix (bug #16887) 
    103  * Linux hosts: don't depend on net-tools on newer distributions as this package is deprecated in favour of iproute (bug #16764) 
    104  * Linux hosts: make 2D video acceleration available for older Linux distributions (5.1 regression; bug #16858) 
    105  * Linux Additions: fix for dynamic resizing with Oracle Linux 6 with UEK4 
    106  * Linux Additions: make Fedora 25 and 26 Alpha work when 3D pass-through is enabled 
    107  * Linux Additions: no longer recommend removing distribution- installed Additions if they are updated to our guidelines 
    109 [=#v22] 
    110 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.22''' (released 2017-04-28)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    111 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    112  * VMM: fixed ''VERR_IEM_INSTR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED'' Guru Meditation under certain conditions (5.1 regression; mostly Mac OS X hosts; bugs #15693, #15801, #16274, #16569, #16663) 
    113  * VMM: fixed software virtualization on Solaris hosts (5.1.20 regression) 
    114  * Storage: fixed a potential hang under rare circumstances (bug #16677) 
    115  * Storage: fixed a potential crash under rare circumstances (asynchronous I/O disabled or during maintenance file operations like merging snapshots) 
    116  * Linux hosts: make the ALSA backend work again as well as loading the GL libraries on certain hosts (5.1.20 regression; bugs #16667, #16693) 
    117  * Linux Additions: fixed mount.vboxsf symlink problem (5.1.20 regression; bug #16670) 
    119 [=#v20] 
    120 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.20''' (released 2017-04-18)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    121 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    122  * GUI: don't check if the Extension Pack is up-to-date if the user is about to install a new Extension Pack (bug #16317) 
    123  * GUI: fixed a possible crash when switching a multi-monitor VM into full-screen or seamless mode 
    124  * GUI: fixed non-literal shortcuts if the keyboard is not captured (5.1.10 regression; Windows hosts only) 
    125  * GUI: several mini-toolbar fixes in full-screen / seamless mode (X11 hosts only) 
    126  * GUI: don't crash on restoring defaults in the appliance import dialog 
    127  * Windows Additions: another fix for automatic logins for Windows Vista and newer (bug #15904) 
    128  * ICH9: fix for Windows guests with a huge amount (>64G) of guest memory 
    129  * BIOS: fixed El Torito hard disk emulation geometry calculation (thanks Dwight Engen) 
    131 [=#v18] 
    132 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.18''' (released 2017-03-15)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    133 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    134  * Shared Folders: fixed case insensitive filename access (5.1.16 regression; Windows guests only; bug #16549) 
    135  * Shared Folders: fixed access to long pathes (5.1.16 regression; Windows guests only; bugs #14651, #16564) 
    136  * API: fixed snapshot handling of medium attachments and PCI device attachments (bug #16545) 
    137  * API: make 32-bit Windows guests in raw mode boot again if the ICH9 chipset is used (5.1.16 regression) 
    138  * VBoxBugReport: fixed VM log collection issue 
    139  * Linux hosts: fixed autostart service script (bug #14955) 
    140  * Windows Additions: fixed automatic logins for Windows Vista and newer (5.1.4 regression; bug #15904) 
    142 [=#v16] 
    143 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.16''' (released 2017-03-08)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    144 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    145  * VMM: don't access the ''MSR_IA32_SMM_MONITOR_CTL'' MSR if ''dual-monitor treatment'' is not available (KVM workaround, bug #14965) 
    146  * VMM: another fix for handling certain MSRs on ancient CPUs without VT-x support for MSR bitmaps 
    147  * VMM: fixed ''VERR_SSM_LOAD_CPUID_MISMATCH'' errors when restoring a saved state with SMP guests on hosts without the ''CPUID/HTT'' bit set (bug #16428) 
    148  * VMM: fixed a bug in call gate emulation 
    149  * VMM: ''FWAIT'' instruction fix 
    150  * VMM: fixed a sporadic guest hang under certain conditions 
    151  * GUI: hide the mini-toolbar from the taskbar and the pager on certain X11 hosts 
    152  * GUI: better error handling on the global settings / network / host-only / DHCP server settings 
    153  * GUI: fixes for full-screen with multiple screens 
    154  * Host-only Network: fixed host-only adapter creation issue preventing !VirtualBox installation on Windows 10 hosts (bug #16379) 
    155  * NAT network: fixed two potential crashes in the DHCP server 
    156  * ICH9: fixed incorrect initialization of the primary bus for PCI bridges (5.1.14 regression) 
    157  * Storage: LsiLogic fix for Windows 10 
    158  * USB: fixed not being able to attach certain USB devices having invalid characters in the device strings (5.0.18 regression; bug #15956) 
    159  * USB: several fixes for the USB/IP support (bug #16462) 
    160  * VBoxSVC: fixed another crash during shutdown under rare circumstances 
    161  * VBoxSVC: fixed a stack overflow on (Windows debug builds only; bug #16409) 
    162  * OVF: when importing an appliance handle more than 10 network adapters if the OVA was created by !VirtualBox (bug #16401) 
    163  * OVF: fixes for exporting and importing appliances with many disks (bug #16402) 
    164  * VBoxManage: fixed regression with ''modifyhd --resize'' (bug #16311) 
    165  * rdesktop-vrdp: source code tarball fixes 
    166  * Linux Installers: do not rebuild kernel modules unnecessarily (bug #16408) 
    167  * Linux hosts: added an action for opening the VM manager window to the .desktop file 
    168  * Linux hosts / guests: Linux 4.11 compile fixes (bug #16506) 
    169  * Linux Additions: added ''vboxsf'' FS modules alias (bug #16404) 
    170  * Linux Additions: fix for the shared folders kernel module to compile on Linux 4.10 
    171  * Linux Additions: properly install the Linux kernel module override rule on distributions without /etc/depmod.d 
    172  * Windows Additions: fixed a crash with recent Windows 10 builds if 3D is disabled (bug #15973) 
    174 [=#v14] 
    175 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.14''' (released 2017-01-17)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    176 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    177  * VMM: fixed emulation of certain instructions for 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts 
    178  * VMM: properly handle certain MSRs for 64-bit guests on ancient CPUs without VT-x support for MSR bitmaps (bug #13886) 
    179  * GUI: fixed a crash with multimonitor setups under certain conditions 
    180  * GUI: allow cloning of snapshots when the VM is running 
    181  * NVMe: fixed compatibility with the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK, bug #16368) 
    182  * VBoxSVC: fixed a crash under rare circumstances 
    183  * VBoxManage: added a sanity check to modifymedium --resize to prevent users from resizing their hard disk from 1GB to 1PB (bug #16311) 
    184  * Windows hosts: another fix for recent Windows 10 hosts 
    185  * Linux hosts: Linux 4.10 fixes 
    186  * Linux Additions: fixed protocol error during certain operations on shared folders (bug #8463) 
    188 [=#v12] 
    189 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.12''' (released 2016-12-20)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    190 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    191  * VMM: fixed ''VERR_IEM_ASPECT_NOT_IMPLEMENTED'' Guru Meditations with certain Linux guests if KVM paravirtualization is enabled (5.1 regression; bugs #15613 and #16251) 
    192  * VMM: fixed ''VERR_VMX_UNABLE_TO_START_VM'' Guru Meditations under rare conditions 
    193  * GUI: prevent a crash under certain conditions if the VM is terminated very early 
    194  * GUI: fixed certain keyboard capture issues (5.1.10 regression; Mac OS X hosts only; bug #16150) 
    195  * GUI: fixed dragging guest windows in seamless mode with the keyboard captured (X11 hosts only; bug #15837) 
    196  * GUI: fixed a problem where the ''new version detected'' dialog was covered by the ''appliance import'' dialog (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #16238) 
    197  * Storage: fixed NVMe reset processing when doing rmmod nvme; modprobe nvme in a Linux guest (bug #16080) 
    198  * Storage: fixed creating a snapshot when the VM is running and an NVMe controller is present 
    199  * Storage: fixed a problem with the LsiLogic SCSI controller where requests could be lost with SMP guests 
    200  * E1000: fixed "cable disconnected" issue (Mac OS X guests only; 5.1.10 regression; bug #16260) 
    201  * E1000: fixed "TX unit hang" issue (Linux guests only; 5.1.10 regression; bug #16221) 
    202  * Parallel ports: fixed port enumeration on Windows host (bugs #15872 and #16127) 
    203  * API: don't crash when sanitizing certain VM names (bug #16299) 
    204  * Linux hosts: automatically disable asynchronous I/O on Linux 2.6.18 kernels as high I/O load may trigger kernel oopses on these kernels if this feature is enabled 
    205  * Linux hosts / guests: Linux 2.6.28 compile fix (bug #16267) 
    206  * Linux hosts: compile Linux 4.9 compile fix (bug #16286) 
    207  * Linux Additions: warn the user about a known bug with older Linux guests (e.g. Debian 7) requiring manual work to get 3D working (bug #15319) 
    208  * Linux Additions: fix the graphics driver build with Linux 4.10 and later (bug #16298) 
    209  * Windows Additions: fixed a crash in the WDDM driver under certain conditions 
    211 [=#v10] 
    212 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.10''' (released 2016-11-21)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    213 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    214  * GUI: the USB filter settings dialog should allow to specify the USB revision in hexadecimal format (bug #15400) 
    215  * GUI: fixed crash on certain hosts when pressing certain key combinations (Windows hosts only; bug #15719) 
    216  * GUI: fixed issue with updating the available-geometry on host-screen work-area resize 
    217  * GUI: don't crash / hang on certain environments if accessibility support is enabled 
    218  * GUI: fixed various issues in Unscaled HiDPI Output mode (bug #15707) 
    219  * GUI: extend the VM Input menu with ''Print Screen''-related actions 
    220  * GUI: improved handling of inserting the Guest Additions ISO image by trying all available optical drives rather than only the first one and by not asking the user if he wants to force unmounting (which doesn't work in most cases anyway) 
    221  * API: default to RTC using UTC for Solaris 11 guests 
    222  * Settings: be less restrictive when reading a VM configuration containing a host-only adapter without an interface name 
    223  * Storage: fixed resizing VDI images resulting in an unbootable image under certain circumstances (bug #15983) 
    224  * NAT: fixed several 5.1.8 regressions on Mac OS X and Windows hosts (bug #16084) 
    225  * Audio: fixed a few 5.1.x regressions by using the audio code from 5.0.x until the audio overhaul is completed 
    226  * VBoxManage: fixed documentation of the ''storagectl'' command (bug #15971) 
    227  * Build system: another fix for building !VirtualBox on systems which default to Python 3 
    228  * Windows hosts: hardening fix for Windows 10 build 14971 (bug #16202) 
    229  * Windows Additions: properly start the !VirtualBox guest services even if the guest user name contains special characters (bug #15982) 
    230  * Solaris Additions: fixed preemptible mouse notification callback being executed under a spinlock for Solaris guests 
    231  * Linux hosts / guests: Linux 4.9 fixes (bugs #16155 and #16064) 
    232  * Linux Additions: fixed Linux kernel module override rule (thanks Mark Furneaux) 
    234 [=#v8] 
    235 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.8''' (released 2016-10-18)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    236 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    237  * GUI: fixed keyboard shortcut handling regressions (Mac OS X hosts only; bugs #15937 and #15938) 
    238  * GUI: fixed keyboard handling regression for separate UI (Windows hosts only; bugs #15928) 
    239  * NAT: don't exceed the maximum number of "search" suffixes. Patch from bug #15948. 
    240  * NAT: fixed parsing of port-forwarding rules with a name which contains a slash (bug #16002) 
    241  * NAT Network: when the host has only loopback nameserver that cannot be mapped to the guests (e.g. dnsmasq running on, make DHCP supply NAT Network DNS proxy as nameserver. 
    242  * Bridged Network: prevent flooding syslog with packet allocation error messages (bug #15569) 
    243  * Audio: now using Audio Queues on Mac OS X hosts 
    244  * Audio: fixed recording with the PulseAudio backend (5.1 regression) 
    245  * Audio: various bugfixes 
    246  * Snapshots: fixed regression in 5.1.4 for deleting snapshots with several disks (bug #15831) 
    247  * Snapshots: crash fix and better error reporting when snapshot deletion failed 
    248  * Storage: some fixes for the NVMe emulation with Windows guests 
    249  * API: fixed initialization of SAS controllers (bug #15972) 
    250  * Build system: make it possible to build VBox on systems which default to Python 3 
    251  * Windows hosts: detect certain cases of ''REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG'' errors and print a helpful error message 
    252  * Windows hosts: adapted to changes in Windows 10 build 14901 (bug #15944) 
    253  * Windows hosts: better support for processor groups on Windows 7 and later which is required on certain hosts with many CPUs 
    254  * Windows installer / Additions: added option to prevent creating of start menu items (bug #15922) 
    255  * Windows Additions / VGA: if the guest's power management turns a virtual screen off, blank the corresponding VM window rather than hide the window 
    256  * Windows Additions: fixed a generic bug which could lead to freezing shared folders (bug #15662) 
    257  * Linux hosts / guests: fix for kernels with ''CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK'' set (bug #16020) 
    258  * Linux Additions: don't require all virtual consoles be in text mode. This should fix cases when the guest is booted with a graphical boot screen (bug #15683) 
    259  * Linux Additions: added depmod overrides for the vboxguest and vboxsf kernel modules to fix conflicts with modules shipped by certain Linux distributions 
    260  * X11 Additions: disable 3D on the guest if the host does not provide enough capabilities (bug #15860) 
    262 [=#v6] 
    263 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.6''' (released 2016-09-12)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    264 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    265  * GUI: fixed issue with opening '.vbox' files and it's aliases 
    266  * GUI: keyboard grabbing fixes (bugs #15771 and #15745) 
    267  * GUI: fix for passing through Ctrl + mouse-click (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #15714) 
    268  * GUI: fixed automatic deletion of extension pack files (bugs #11352 and #14742) 
    269  * USB: fixed showing unknown device instead of the manufacturer or product description under certain circumstances (5.1.0 regression; bug #15764) 
    270  * XHCI: another fix for a hanging guest under certain conditions as result of the fix for bug #15747, this time for Windows 7 guests 
    271  * Serial: fixed high CPU usage with certain USB to serial converters on Linux hosts (bug #7796) 
    272  * Storage: fixed attaching stream optimized VMDK images (bug #14764) 
    273  * Storage: reject image variants which are unsupported by the backend (bug #7227) 
    274  * Storage: fixed loading saved states created with !VirtualBox 5.0.10 and older when using a SCSI controller (bug #15865) 
    275  * Storage: fixed broken NVMe emulation if the host I/O cache setting is enabled 
    276  * Storage: fixed using multiple NVMe controllers if ICH9 is used 
    277  * NVMe: fixed a crash during reset which could happen under certain circumstances 
    278  * Audio: fixed microphone input (5.1.2 regression; bugs #14386 and #15802) 
    279  * Audio: fixed crashes under certain conditions (5.1.0 regression; bug #15887 and others) 
    280  * Audio: fixed recording with the ALSA backend (5.1 regression) 
    281  * Audio: fixed stream access mode with OSS backend (5.1 regression, thanks to Jung-uk Kim) 
    282  * E1000: do also return masked bits when reading the ICR register, this fixes booting from iPXE (5.1.2 regression; bug #15846) 
    283  * BIOS: fixed 4bpp scanline calculation (bug #15787) 
    284  * API: relax the check for the version attribute in OVF/OVA appliances (bug #15856) 
    285  * Windows hosts: fixed crashes when terminating the VM selector or other VBox COM clients (bug #15726 and others) 
    286  * Linux Installer: fixed path to the documentation in .rpm packages (5.1.0 regression) 
    287  * Linux Installer: fixed the script to prevent an SELinux complaint (bug #15816) 
    288  * Linux hosts: don't use 32-bit legacy capabilities 
    289  * Linux Additions: Linux 4.8 fix for the kernel display driver (bugs #15890 and #15896) 
    290  * Linux Additions: don't load the kernel modules provided by the Linux distribution but load the kernel modules from the official Guest Additions package instead (bug #15324) 
    291  * Linux Additions: fix dynamic resizing problems in recent Linux guests (bug #15875) 
    292  * User Manual: fixed error in the VBoxManage chapter for the ''getextradata enumerate'' example (bug #15862) 
    294 [=#v4] 
    295 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.4''' (released 2016-08-16)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    296 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    297  * GUI: show actual VM uptime in the session information window 
    298  * Audio: re-enabled speakers for Mac OS X guests (5.1.0 regression; bug #15611) 
    299  * Audio: fixed crashes under certain conditions 
    300  * USB: fixed a hang under certain conditions 
    301  * USB: fixed a hanging guest under certain conditions (bug #15747) 
    302  * PIIX4: implemented dummy SMBus controller to prevent annoying Linux kernel warnings about uninitialized SMBus base address (bug #9517) 
    303  * NVMe: several fixes to improve stability, fixed a crash while saving a VM state 
    304  * VMDK: Fixed an issue creating fixed size images with certain sizes and the Split2G option enabled (bug #15748) 
    305  * VHDX: fixed cloning images with ''VBoxManage clonehd'' (bug #14288) 
    306  * Storage: Fixed broken bandwidth limitation when the limit is very low (bug #14982) 
    307  * EFI: fixed sending debug messages in the EFI firmware if a serial port is enabled (bug #12161) 
    308  * OVF: when importing appliances, make sure that the version of the embedded !VirtualBox-specific settings is processed, to get the default settings handling right 
    309  * VBoxManage: Don't try to set the medium type if there is no change (bug #13850) 
    310  * Linux installer: fixed some scripting issues (bugs #15701 and #15702) 
    311  * Linux installer: fixed a path issue on certain Linux distributions (bug #15717) 
    312  * Windows hosts: fixed corrupted mouse pointers with some Linux and Solaris guests (bug #15665) 
    313  * Linux Additions: made the video driver work on 32-bit guests with large video memory sizes (bug #15621) 
    314  * Linux Additions: made the video driver work on kernel 4.7 and later (bug #15769) 
    315  * Linux Additions: converted a failure message to an informational one when drivers could not be stopped during upgrade (bug #15692) 
    316  * Linux Additions: made the video driver work around an X server bug which cause screen refresh to stop (bug #15511) 
    317  * Windows Additions: auto-resizing fixes for Windows 10 guests (bug #15257) 
    318  * Windows Additions: fixed VBoxTray problems with Windows 2000 (bug #15661) 
    320 [=#v2] 
    321 '''!VirtualBox 5.1.2''' (released 2016-07-21)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    322 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
    323  * VMM: several fixes 
    324  * GUI: fixed screenshot if the VM is started in separate mode 
    325  * GUI: fixed issue with double-click/opening registered file types (.vbox and .vbox-extpack) on Mac OS X (bug #15648) 
    326  * GUI: fixed a bug which made it impossible close some error/warning messages using the close button 
    327  * GUI: weakened the control over the VM window behavior allowing to resize it across multiple screens and to use in Snap Assist techniques 
    328  * GUI: jump to the second tab of the session information window (5.1.0 regression) 
    329  * GUI: fix for Alt-Tab 
    330  * Storage: fixed creating fixed size VHD images (bug #15601) 
    331  * Storage: fixed a hang during power off if the VM was suspended before and a NVMe controller is configured 
    332  * USB: fixed a crash under certain conditions 
    333  * Audio: make AC'97 volume control work again (5.1.0 regression; bug #15598) 
    334  * Audio: fixed rare VM hangs when using AC'97 emulation 
    335  * Audio: SB16 fixes 
    336  * EFI: fixed access to devices attached to SATA port 2 and higher (bug #15607) 
    337  * OVA: fix for checking certain signatures 
    338  * OVA: fixed MAC address generation for appliances created by !VirtualBox (5.1.0 regression; bug #15623) 
    339  * API: fixed audio settings handling for older config files (bug #15626) 
    340  * API: fixed truncation of USB product/vendor IDs on Linux hosts (5.1.0 regression; bug #15644) 
    341  * API: fixed VRDP with authentication (bug #15653) 
    342  * API: don't crash if there is no graphics controller configured (bug #15628) 
    343  * Linux hosts: fixed EL5 builds (bug #15634) 
    344  * non-Windows hosts: fixed a crash during shutdown under rare circumstances (bug #15568) 
    345  * Linux Additions: fixed SELinux issue which prevented certain Linux guests to work in 3D mode (bug #15574) 
    346  * User Manual: updates 
    348 [=#v0] 
    349 '''!VirtualBox 5.1''' (released 2016-07-12)[[BR]][[BR]] 
    350 This is a major update. The following major new features were added: 
    351  * VMM: new APIC and I/O APIC implementations that result in significantly improved performance in certain situations (for example with networking, bug #15295) 
    352  * VMM: added support for Hyper-V paravirtualized debugging of Windows guests 
    353  * VMM: emulate even more MMIO and shadow pagetable exits without going back to user mode 
    354  * GUI: overall migration to Qt5 (bug #11775) 
    355  * GUI: passive API event listener improving the VM GUI performance and response time 
    356  * Audio: added HDA (High Definition Audio) support for newer Linux guests 
    357  * Audio: added on-demand timers which should improve the overall performance and reduce the CPU consumption 
    358  * Audio: more fine-grained volume control for the AC'97 emulation, which now also takes the master volume control into account 
    359  * better support for Python 3 
    360 In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added: 
    361  * VMM: activate the x2APIC by default for Linux guests 
    362  * VMM: many more fixes 
    363  * GUI: the ''Detach UI'' action is now a part of the VM Machine menu 
    364  * GUI: reworked session information window 
    365  * GUI: the new VM wizard now allows to choose the VM location for the VM which is being created 
    366  * GUI: fixed location of touch events in unscaled HiDPI mode (bugs #14366, #14367) 
    367  * GUI: various bugfixes and internal cleanup 
    368  * Storage: use ''fallocate()'' or similar if present to speed up creating fixed-sized disk images (bug #5967) 
    369  * Storage: implemented NVMHCI-compatible storage controller 
    370  * Audio: various bugfixes and infrastructure improvements 
    371  * E1000: implemented interrupt throttling for performance improvements 
    372  * EFI: many improvements, for example allow to boot from USB 
    373  * OVF: improved handling of signed manifests 
    374  * API: Windows XP guests and Windows 2003 server guests now default to the E1000 T Server network card 
    375  * VBoxSVC: fixed several memory leaks when handling .dmg images 
    376  * Installers: ship VBoxBugReport 
    377  * Windows hosts: reworked COM proxy (e.g. bug #8298) 
    378  * Linux installers: no longer rely on DKMS for module rebuilding 
    379  * Linux Additions: fix a problem when updating the initramfs after the guest modules are compiled (bug #15579) 
    380  * Linux Additions: try to fix a problem where the OpenGL libraries where loaded by the X server when we only support X clients (bug #15574) 
     6[[Include(, text/x-trac-wiki)]]
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