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    1 = Changelog for VirtualBox 3.2 =
     1= Changelog for VirtualBox 4.0 =
    3 '''!VirtualBox 3.2.12''' (released 2010-11-30)[[BR]][[BR]]
    4 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    5  * VMM: fixed rare host crash when running 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts (bug #7577)
    6  * VMM: fixed host reboots under rare circumstances due to NMIs triggered by active performance counters (Linux hosts in non-VT-x/AMD-V mode only; bug #4529)
    7  * VMM: fixed out of memory guru meditation for large memory guests (bug #7586)
    8  * VMM: fixed a guru meditation related to large pages
    9  * VMM: use new VT-x feature to keep the guest from hogging the CPU
    10  * Snapshots: implemented deleting the last remaining snapshot while the VM is running
    11  * GUI: perform the checks for exceeding the size limit of the host file system and for broken asynchronous I/O on older Linux kernels with ext4 / xfs file systems not only when starting the VM from scratch but also when starting from a saved state
    12  * NAT: fixed memory leak (3.2.0 regression; bugs #6918, #7353)
    13  * Networking: fixed VM reset handling in e1000
     3'''!VirtualBox 4.0.0''' (released 2010-12-22)[[BR]][[BR]]
     4This version is a major update. The following major new features were added:
     5 * Reorganization of !VirtualBox into a base package and Extension Packs; see chapter 1.5, Installing !VirtualBox and extension packs, see the manual for more information
     6 * New settings/disk file layout for VM portability; see chapter 10.1, Where !VirtualBox stores its files, see the manual for more information
     7 * Major rework of the GUI (now called “!VirtualBox Manager”):
     8  * Redesigned user interface with guest window preview (also for screenshots)
     9  * New “scale” display mode with scaled guest display; see chapter 1.8.5, Resizing the machine’s window, see the manual for more information
     10  * Support for creating and starting .vbox desktop shortcuts (bug #1889)
     11  * The VM list is now sortable
     12  * Machines can now be deleted easily without a trace including snapshots and saved states, and optionally including attached disk images (bug #5511; also, ''VBoxManage unregistervm --delete'' can do the same now)
     13  * Built-in creation of desktop file shortcuts to start VMs on double click (bug #2322)
     14 * VMM: support more than 1.5/2 GB guest RAM on 32-bit hosts
     15 * New virtual hardware:
     16  * Intel ICH9 chipset with three PCI buses, PCI Express and Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI); see chapter 3.4.1, “Motherboard” tab, see the manual for more information
     17  * Intel HD Audio, for better support of modern guest operating systems (e.g. 64-bit Windows; bug #2785)
     18 * Improvements to OVF support (see chapter 1.12, Importing and exporting virtual machines, see the manual for more information):
     19  * Open Virtualization Format Archive (OVA) support
     20  * Significant performance improvements during export and import
     21  * Creation of the manifest file on export is optional now
     22  * Imported disks can have formats other than VMDK
     23 * Resource control: added support for limiting a VM’s CPU time and IO bandwidth; see chapter 5.8, Limiting bandwidth for disk images, see the manual for more information
     24 * Storage: support asynchronous I/O for iSCSI, VMDK, VHD and Parallels images
     25 * Storage: support for resizing VDI and VHD images; see chapter 8.21, VBoxManage modifyhd, see the manual for more information.
     26 * Guest Additions: support for multiple virtual screens in Linux and Solaris guests using X.Org server 1.3 and later
     27 * Language bindings: uniform Java bindings for both local (COM/XPCOM) and remote (SOAP) invocation APIs
     28In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:
     29 * VMM: Enable large page support by default on 64-bit hosts (applies to nested paging only)
     30 * VMM: fixed guru meditation when running Minix (VT-x only; bug #6557)
     31 * VMM: fixed crash under certain circumstances (Linux hosts only, non VT-x/AMD-V mode only; bugs #4529 and #7819)
     32 * GUI: add configuration dialog for port forwarding in NAT mode (bug #1657)
     33 * GUI: show the guest window content on save and restore
     34 * GUI: certain GUI warnings don’t stop the VM output anymore
     35 * GUI: fixed black fullscreen minitoolbar on KDE4 hosts (Linux hosts only; bug #5449)
     36 * BIOS: implemented multi-sector reading to speed up booting of certain guests (e.g. Solaris)
     37 * Bridged networking: improved throughput by filtering out outgoing packets intended for the host before they reach the physical network (Linux hosts only; bug #7792)
     38 * 3D support: allow use of CR_SYSTEM_GL_PATH again (bug #6864)
     39 * 3D support: fixed various clipping/visibility issues (bugs #5659, #5794, #5848, #6018, #6187, #6570)
     40 * 3D support: guest application stack corruption when using glGetVertexAttrib[ifd]v (bug #7395)
     41 * 3D support: fixed OpenGL support for libMesa 7.9
     42 * 3D support: fixed Unity/Compiz crashes on natty
     43 * 2D Video acceleration: multimonitor support
    1444 * VRDP: fixed rare crash in multimonitor configuration
     45 * VRDP: support for upstream audio
    1546 * Display: fixed occasional guest resize crash
    16  * Mouse: don't send relative mouse events together with absolute mouse events (3.2.10 regression; bug #7571)
    17  * Keyboard: fixes for the USB keyboard emulation; fixes for Koran keyboards
    18  * Serial: don't hang if the host device would block during open (bugs #5756, #5380)
    19  * Serial: fixed modem status lines (Linux hosts only; bug #812)
    20  * Graphics: Horizontal resolutions are no longer restricted to a multiple of 8 pixels (bug #2047; requires Guest Additions update).
    21  * USB: fixed a crash with older Linux kernels and non-ASCII characters in device strings (Linux hosts only; bug #6983, #7158, #7733; version 3.2.8 contained an incomplete fix)
    22  * USB: fixed a crash under rare circumstances (bug #7409; Windows hosts only)
    23  * iSCSI: respond to NOP-In requests from the target immediately to avoid being disconnected if the guest is idle
    24  * 3D support: fixed a crash under certain circumstances (bug #7659)
    25  * 3D support: fixed crashes for GLUT based apps (bug #6848)
    26  * 3D support: added missing GLX 1.3 functionality (bugs #7652, #7195)
    27  * 2D Video acceleration: fixed potential deadlock when saving the VM state (bug #4124)
    28  * Windows hosts: another fix for BSODs under certain circumstances in VBoxNetFlt.sys (bug #7601)
    29  * Solaris hosts: fixed host USB DVD drive detection
    30  * Mac OS X hosts: fixed swapped keys for certain ISO keyboard types (bug #2996)
    31  * Linux hosts: added link state handling for TAP devices needed for proper operation with bridged networking on kernels 2.6.36 and above (bug #7649)
    32  * Linux hosts/guests: Linux 2.6.37 fixes
    33  * Linux Additions: properly compile the vboxvideo module if DKMS is not installed (bug #7572)
    34  * Linux Additions: fixed a memory leak when accessing non-existing files on a Shared Folders (bug #7705)
    35  * Windows Additions: skip none-mapped user accounts when enumerating user accounts for VM information
     47 * NAT: port forwarding rules can be applied at runtime
     48 * SATA: allow to attach CD/DVD-ROM drives including passthrough (bug #7058)
     49 * Floppy: support readonly image files, taking this as the criteria for making the medium readonly (bug #5651)
     50 * Audio: fixed memory corruption during playback under rare circumstances
     51 * Audio: the !DirectSound backend now allows VMs to be audible when another !DirectSound application is active, including another VM (bug #5578)
     52 * EFI: support for SATA disks and CDROMs
     53 * BIOS: reduce the stack usage of the VESA BIOS function #4F01 (Quake fix)
     54 * OVF/OVA: fixed export of VMs with iSCSI disks
     55 * Storage: Apple DMG image support for the virtual CD/DVD (bug #6760)
     56 * Linux host USB support: introduced a less invasive way of accessing raw USB devices (bugs #1093, #5345, #7759)
     57 * Linux hosts: support recent Linux kernels with ''CONFIG_DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX'' set
     58 * Guest Additions: Shared Folders now can be marked as being auto-mounted on Windows, Linux and Solaris guests
     59 * Linux Additions: Shared Folders now support symbolic links (bug #818)
     60 * Linux Additions: combined 32-bit and 64-bit additions into one file
     61 * Windows Additions: automatic logon on Windows Vista/Windows 7 is now able to handle renamed user accounts; added various bugfixes
    37 '''!VirtualBox 3.2.10''' (released 2010-10-08)[[BR]][[BR]]
    38 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    39  * VMM: V8086 mode fix for legacy DOS/Windows guests with EMM386 (3.2.8 regression)
    40  * VMM: stability fix (bug #7342)
    41  * VMM: fixed a Guru meditation related to large pages (bug #7300)
    42  * VMM: fixed support for large pages on Linux hosts
    43  * VMM: fixed a Guru meditation for large memory 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts with nested paging (bug #7544
    44  * VMM: performance improvements for VMs with more than 2 GB RAM (bug #6928)
    45  * GUI: fixed host key handling if the host key is set to Left Alt (Linux/Solaris hosts only; 3.2.0 regression; bug #6758)
    46  * GUI: the VM can be minimized from the mini toolbar (bug #4952)
    47  * GUI: handle Ctrl+Break properly on X11 hosts (3.2.0 regression; bug #6122)
    48  * GUI: fixed the case where the user aborted the media selector for selecting the boot hard disk from the VM wizard
    49  * GUI: added a check for Linux kernels 2.6.36 or later which are known to have the asynchronous I/O bug on ext4 / xfs file systems fixed (Linux hosts only)
    50  * !OpenSolaris guests: use SATA controller by default
    51  * Storage: fixed I/O errors in the guest after compacting VDI images (3.2.6 regression; bug #7294)
    52  * Storage: automatically repair base disk images with non-zero parent UUID which made them inaccessible (bug #7289)
    53  * Storage: fixed corrupted images if a merge operation was canceled
    54  * IDE: added ATAPI passthrough support for audio CDs (bug #3494)
    55  * SATA: fixed a potential hang during boot of recent Solaris guests
    56  * SATA: handle out of disk space and similar conditions better
    57  * iSCSI: fixed sporadic hangs when closing the connection
    58  * VGA: fixed missing redraw with multiple screens under certain circumstances (bug #7291)
    59  * VGA: serveral small fixes for legacy VGA graphics modes
    60  * Bridged networking: fixed occasional host freeze during VM shutdown (Linux hosts only)
    61  * NAT: don't check for the existence of the TFTP prefix when delivering a file via bootp (bug #7384)
    62  * NAT: fixed resolving of names at the host resolver (bug #7138)
    63  * NAT: under rare conditions the NAT engine consumed 100% CPU load (non-Windows hosts only)
    64  * VRDP: fixed memory leak under certain circumstances (bug #5966)
    65  * VRDP: fixed missing redraws with Windows guests under certain circumstances
    66  * USB: properly discard blocking outstanding bulk URBs, fixes some printers
    67  * USB: Blackberry fix (bug #6465)
    68  * VBoxHeadless: fixed event queue processing problems which led to hangs if the VM could not be started successfully
    69  * VBoxManage: don't crash if parameters with invalid characters are passed (bug #7388)
    70  * VBoxManage: clonehd: fixed a bug where the command aborted with an error message under rare circumstances
    71  * VBoxManage: metrics: made it work for directly started VMs again (3.2.8 regression; bug #7482)
    72  * 3D support: report ''GLX_ARB_get_proc_address'' as supported extension
    73  * 3D support: guest application stack corruption when using glGetVertexAttrib[ifd]v (bug #7395)
    74  * 3D support: fixed broken 3D support when switching to fullscreen/seamless modes (bug #7314)
    75  * 3D support: fixed 32bit OpenGL apps under 64bit Windows XP/Vista (bug #7066)
    76  * OVF: fixed bug when exporting a VM with multiple attached disks (bug #7366)
    77  * OVF: fixed slow export for certain filesystems (bug #3719)
    78  * OVF: disabled manifest (.mf file) support; manifests are no longer verified on import nor written on export
    79  * Shared clipboard/Windows: improved the reliability of the shared clipboard on Windows hosts and guest (partial fix to bug #5266)
    80  * Shared Folders: don't show an empty directory if filenames with an invalid encoding exist on the host (bug #7349)
    81  * Shared Folders: return the proper error code when trying to list files for a non-existing wildcard (bug #7004)
    82  * Audio: fixed guest memory corruption when capturing from the NULL audio backend (bug #6911)
    83  * Audio: improved playback quality (less choppy) (bug #6816)
    84  * Web service: avoid unnecessary creation of idle threads
    85  * Additions: fixed bug in the guest execution feature when passing more than one environment variable
    86  * Additions: refresh all guest properties written by VBoxService after the VM was restored from a saved state
    87  * Additions: fixed a division by zero crash of VBoxService under certain circumstances
    88  * Additions: immediately resynchronize the guest time with the host time after the VM was restored from a saved state (bug #4018)
    89  * Additions/Windows: fixed ''!LsaEnumerate'' error when enumerating logged in users
    90  * Additions/X.Org: support X.Org Server 1.9 (bug #7306)
    91  * Additions/X.Org: don't crash VBoxClient during reboot
    92  * Solaris hosts: fixed host DVD drive enumeration on Solaris 10
    93  * Solaris hosts: added a custom core dumper to procure more data in the event of a VM crash
    94  * Solaris guests: fixed user idle detection
    95  * Solaris guests: fixed a possible panic in Shared Folders when using the wrong user or group IDs (bug #7295)
    96  * Solaris guests: fixed Shared Folders from truncating files to 2GB on 32-bit guests (bug #7324)
    97  * Windows hosts: fixed a BSOD under certain circumstances in VBoxNetFlt.sys (bug #7448)
    98  * Linux hosts/guests: Linux 2.6.36 fixes     
    99  * Linux hosts/guests: DKMS fixes (bug #5817)
    100  * Mac OS X hosts: fixed missing dock menu entries (bug #7392)
    102 '''!VirtualBox 3.2.8''' (released 2010-08-06)[[BR]][[BR]]
    103 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    104  * VMM: properly terminate the VM with an error if the guest is trying to switch to the PAE mode but PAE is disabled in the VM settings
    105  * GUI: switch to native file dialogs (Windows hosts only; bug #5459)
    106  * GUI: don't use native file dialogs on KDE hosts (Linux hosts only; bug #6809)
    107  * 3D support: fixed ''GL_EXT_texture_sRGB'' support
    108  * PXE: fixed ZENworks PXE boot regression
    109  * OVF: fixed slower export and larger images under certain circumstances (3.2.6 regression; bug #7073)
    110  * USB: properly signal an interrupt if the port suspend status changes
    111  * USB: respect the remote-only filter
    112  * USB: avoid VM hang when changing the configuration of certain devices (Windows hosts only)
    113  * USB: fix a crash with older Linux kernels and non-ASCII characters in device strings (Linux hosts only; bug #6983)
    114  * !PageFusion: fixed conflict with the guest execution feature
    115  * !PageFusion: fixed stability issues with a large number of VMs
    116  * !PageFusion: fixed host crashes with guest SMP and Win64 guests
    117  * Memory ballooning: fixed problems restoring VMs with pre-allocation enabled
    118  * Bridged networking: fixed performance issue with GRO enabled on bridged device (bug #7059)
    119  * Hostonly networking: fixed performance issue (3.2.6 regression; bug #7081)
    120  * Hard disks: fix auto-reset of immutable disk at VM startup (bug #6832)
    121  * !BusLogic: several fixes for Windows NT/2000 and SCO !OpenServer guests
    122  * !LsiLogic: fixed I/O errors under rare circumstances
    123  * Sharing disks: support for attaching one disk to several VMs without external tools and tricks (see [/manual/ch05.html#hdimagewrites here] for a short explanation)
    124  * Shared folders: several fixes and performance enhancements for Solaris guests (bugs #4154 and #6512)
    125  * Solaris Installer: added support for remote installations
    126  * Guest Properties API: correctly support enumerating the properties of a running VM with an empty "patterns" field (bug #7171)
    127  * Guest properties: properly delete transient properties on shutdown
    128  * RDP video redirection performance improvements and stability fixes
    129  * Settings: silently fix host audio driver when reading machine XML settings files or OVF written by !VirtualBox on a different host OS, for example convert !DirectSound to !PulseAudio (bug #7209)
    130  * Settings: properly store the NAT network setting in XML settings file version 1.10 and later (bug #6176)
    131  * VBoxManage: handle differencing images with parent UUID correctly in subcommand openmedium disk (bug #6751)
    132  * Web service: enabled HTTP keepalive for much better performance
    133  * Web service: added timestamps to logging output
    134  * Web service: treat 8-bit strings as UTF-8 not ASCII
    135  * X11 Additions: fix for Xorg 6.8 guests (e.g. RHEL4)
    137 '''!VirtualBox 3.2.6''' (released 2010-06-25)[[BR]][[BR]]
    138 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    139  * VMM: fixed host crash when running 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts with certain Intel CPUs (VT-x only; bug #6166)
    140  * VMM: allow 64-bit SMP guests on 32-bit hosts (VT-x and AMD-V only; does not apply to Mac OS X, which already supports it)
    141  * VMM: fixed Guru mediation if guests with more than 2GB are booted with VT-x/AMD-V disabled (bug #5740)
    142  * VMM: fixed TR limit trashing (VT-x and 64-bit host only; bug #7052)
    143  * Page Fusion: several bug fixes for SMP guests (including bug #6964)
    144  * Teleportation: several fixes and improvements
    145  * Mac OS X server guests: compatibility fix
    146  * EFI: fixed memory detection for guests with 2GB or more RAM assigned
    147  * GUI: added a workaround for a Linux kernel bug which affecting asynchronous I/O on ext4 / xfs file systems (Linux hosts only)
    148  * GUI: added setting for multiple VRDP connections; useful if multiple screens are enabled
    149  * GUI: another fix for the keyboard capturing bug under metacity (bug #6727)
    150  * GUI: fixed quit dialog when used in seamless or fullscreen mode (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #6938)
    151  * GUI: handle the extra key on the Brazilian keyboard on X11 hosts again (bug #7022).
    152  * 2D Video acceleration: fixed crashes when leaving the fullscreen mode (bug #6768)
    153  * VBoxManage: fixed ''storageattach'' error handling (bug #6927)
    154  * VBoxManage: fixed ''dhcpserver add'' (3.2.0 regression; bug #7031)
    155  * Storage: fixed hang with images located on filesystems which don't support async I/O (bug #6905)
    156  * Storage: fixed raw disks on Windows hosts (3.2.0 regression; bug #6987)
    157  * !LsiLogic: fixed hang with older Linux guests
    158  * !BusLogic: fixed hang during I/O
    159  * SATA: set initial number of ports to 1 as some guests can't handle 30 ports (e.g. CentOS 4 and FreeBSD; bug #6984)
    160  * SATA: performance improvement
    161  * SCSI: fixed error when using the full format option during Windows installation (bug #5101)
    162  * iSCSI: fixed authentication (bug #4031)
    163  * Host-only/bridged networking: fixed excessive host kernel warnings under certain circumstances (Linux hosts only; 3.2.0 regression; bug #6872)
    164  * NAT: fixed potential memory leaks
    165  * NAT: increased the size of the memory pool for 16K Jumbo frames (performance tweak)
    166  * NAT: allow to link/unlink the network cable even if the VM is currently paused
    167  * E1000: disconnect cable was not properly handled if the NIC was not yet initialized by the guest
    168  * OVF: export performance optimization
    169  * OVF: upgraded OS type definitions to CIM 2.25.0 so that Windows 7 and other OSes are now tagged correctly on export
    170  * Settings: the setting for disabling the host I/O cache was sometimes not properly saved
    171  * Settings: save machine state into XML correctly even when snapshot folder has been changed to a non-default location (bug #5656)
    172  * USB: allow the guest to disable an EHCI port
    173  * USB: find a valid language ID before querying strings (bug #7034)
    174  * POSIX hosts: fixed several memory leaks (3.2.0 regression)
    175  * Solaris hosts: fixed VDI access problem under certain circumstances (IDE/SATA; 3.2.0 regression)
    176  * Solaris hosts: fixed VM fails to start on 32-bit hosts (3.2.0 regression; bug #6899)
    177  * Windows hosts (32-bit): increase guest RAM limit if the host kernel allows for more virtual address space
    178  * Linux Additions: re-read a directory after a file was removed (bug #5251)
    179  * Linux Additions: install the DRI driver in the right location on !ArchLinux guests (bug #6937)
    180  * X11 Additions: fixed spurious mouse movement events (bug #4260)
    181  * Solaris Additions: fixed guest control execution
    182  * Windows Additions: automatic logon on Windows Vista/Windows 7 is now able to handle renamed and principal user accounts; added various bugfixes
    183  * Windows Additions: improved command line parsing of the installer
    184  * Windows Additions: fixed driver verifier bugcheck in VBoxMouse (bug #6453)
    185  * 3D support: fixed OpenGL support for 32bit apps under 64bit Windows guests
    187 '''!VirtualBox 3.2.4''' (released 2010-06-07)[[BR]][[BR]]
    188 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    189  * GUI: fixed a superfluous resize-event on powering-on VM for X11 (improvement for the 3.2.2 fix)
    190  * Host-only/bridged networking: fixed guest-to-guest communication over wireless (3.2.0 regression; bug #6855)
    191  * Storage: fixed a potential guest disk corruption with growing images (3.2.0 regression)
    192  * Page Fusion: fixed shared module detection for Win64 guests
    193  * 3D support: allow use of ''CR_SYSTEM_GL_PATH'' again (bug #6864)
    194  * 3D support: fixed a host assertion for some multi-threaded guest applications (bug #5236)
    195  * 3D support: fixed host crashes with nVIDIA drivers on WDDM startup
    196  * OVF: fixed import of OVFs with a VM description (annotation) (3.2.2 regression; bug #6914)
    197  * VRDP: fixed issues with secondary monitors (bug #6759)
    199 '''!VirtualBox 3.2.2''' (released 2010-06-02)[[BR]][[BR]]
    200 This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    201  * VMM: fixed rare invalid guest state guru meditation (VT-x only)
    202  * VMM: fixed poor performance with nested paging and unrestricted guest execution (VT-x only; bug #6716)
    203  * VMM: fixed occasional guru meditation during Windows 7 bootup (bug #6728)
    204  * GUI: keep the status for remote control in sync with the actual state
    205  * GUI: don't exit after a successful refresh of an invalid VM configuration
    206  * GUI: fixed keyboard capturing bug under metacity (bug #6727)
    207  * GUI: fixed crash during VM termination if a modal dialog is open
    208  * GUI: default controllers names of New VM Wizard are synchronized with VM settings
    209  * GUI: fixed superfluous resize-event on powering-on VM for X11
    210  * GUI: fixed regression - missed USB item's tool-tip of USB devices menu
    211  * GUI: Activate VM window on mouse-hovering for multi-monitor VMs
    212  * VBoxSDL/Linux hosts: automated keyboard type detection (bug #5764)
    213  * SATA: fixed crash during VM suspend under rare circumstances
    214  * SATA: fixed crash during VM reset after a snapshot was taken
    215  * Storage: fixed sporadic hang of SMP guests using SATA or LSI Logic SCSI and asynchronous I/O
    216  * Virtio-net: fix for guests with more than about 4GB RAM (bug #6784)
    217  * Page Fusion: fixed VBoxService crash with enabled Page Fusion on Win64 guests
    218  * Page Fusion: added kernel module sharing
    219  * HGCM: fixed memory leak which showed up if the Guest Additions were accessing a non-existing HGCM service
    220  * Teleportation: several fixes
    221  * Floppy: don't disable the host I/O cache by default
    222  * USB: fixed 3.1 regression with certain devices (e.g. iPhone); Windows host only
    223  * Serial: updated the guest device emulation to 16550A and reduced the probability for loosing bytes during transmission (bug #1548)
    224  * NAT: re-fetch the name server parameters from the host on guest DHCP requests to handle host network switches more gracefully (bug #3847)
    225  * NAT: fixed parsing of IPv4 addresses in CIDR notation (bug #6797)
    226  * NAT: limit the number of name servers passed to the guest to four (non-Windows hosts only; bug #4098)
    227  * NAT: fixed DNS transaction id mismatch (bug #6833)
    228  * VDE: fixed changing the attachment during runtime
    229  * Bridged Networking: fixed memory leak in the Bridged Networking driver for Windows hosts (bug #6824)
    230  * Windows Additions: fix for NT4 guests (bug #6748)
    231  * Windows Additions: re-introduced system preparation feature
    232  * Linux guests: enable PAE for !RedHat guests by default
    233  * Linux guests: fix support for disabling mouse integration (bug #6714)
    234  * Webservice: fixed a rare crash when calling IGuest methods from the webservice.
    235  * OVF: fixed wrong hard disk UUIDs on export (bug #6802)
    236  * OVF: fixed 3.2.0 regression importing legacy OVF 0.9 files
    237  * 3D support: fixed OpenGL support for 64bit apps on windows guests
    238  * 3D support: fixed various host crashes (#2954, #5713, #6443)
    240 '''!VirtualBox 3.2.0''' (released 2010-05-18)[[BR]][[BR]]
    241 This version is a major update. The following major new features were added:
    242  * Following the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation, the product is now called ''Oracle VM !VirtualBox'' and all references were changed without impacting compatibility
    243  * Experimental support for Mac OS X Server guests (see the [/manual/ch03.html#intro-macosxguests manual] for more information)
    244  * Memory ballooning to dynamically in- or decrease the amount of RAM used by a VM (64-bit hosts only) (see the [/manual/ch04.html#guestadd-balloon manual] for more information)
    245  * Page Fusion automatically de-duplicates RAM when running similar VMs thereby increasing capacity. Currently supported for Windows guests on  64-bit hosts (see the [/manual/ch04.html#guestadd-pagefusion manual] for more information)
    246  * CPU hot-plugging for Linux (hot-add and hot-remove) and certain Windows guests (hot-add only) (see the [/manual/ch09.html#cpuhotplug manual] for more information)
    247  * New Hypervisor features: with both VT-x/AMD-V on 64-bit hosts, using large pages can improve performance (see the [/manual/ch10.html#nestedpaging manual] for more information); also, on VT-x, unrestricted guest execution is now supported (if nested paging is enabled with VT-x, real mode and protected mode without paging code runs faster, which mainly speeds up guest OS booting)
    248  * Support for deleting snapshots while the VM is running
    249  * Support for multi-monitor guest setups in the GUI for Windows guests (see the [/manual/ch03.html#settings-display manual] for more information)
    250  * USB tablet/keyboard emulation for improved user experience if no Guest Additions are available (see the [/manual/ch03.html#settings-motherboard manual] for more information).
    251  * !LsiLogic SAS controller emulation (see the [/manual/ch05.html#harddiskcontrollers manual] for more information)
    252  * RDP video acceleration (see the [/manual/ch07.html#vrdp-videochannel manual] for more information)
    253  * NAT engine configuration via API and VBoxManage
    254  * Use of host I/O cache is now configurable (see the [/manual/ch05.html#iocaching manual] for more information)
    255  * Guest Additions: added support for executing guest applications from the host system (replaces the automatic system preparation feature; see the [/manual/ch04.html#guestadd-guestcontrol manual] for more information)
    256  * OVF: enhanced OVF support with custom namespace to preserve settings that are not part of the base OVF standard
    258 In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:
    259  * VMM: fixed Windows 2000 guest crash when configured with a large amount of RAM (bug #5800)
    260  * Linux/Solaris guests: PAM module for automatic logons added
    261  * GUI: guess the OS type from the OS name when creating a new VM
    262  * GUI: added VM setting for passing the time in UTC instead of passing the local host time to the guest (bug #1310)
    263  * GUI: fixed seamless mode on secondary monitors (bugs #1322 and #1669)
    264  * GUI: offer to download the user manual in the OSE version (bug #6442)
    265  * GUI: allow to set an empty host key to disallow any host key combination (bug #684)
    266  * GUI: allow to restrict the possible actions when shutting down the VM from the GUI
    267  * Main: allow to start a VM even if a virtual DVD or floppy medium is not accessible
    268  * Settings: be more robust when saving the XML settings files
    269  * Mac OS X: rewrite of the !CoreAudio driver and added support for audio input (bug #5869)
    270  * Mac OS X: external VRDP authentication module support (bug #3106)
    271  * Mac OS X: Moved the realtime dock preview settings to the VM settings (no global option anymore). Use the dock menu to configure it.
    272  * Mac OS X: added the VM menu to the dock menu
    273  * 3D support: fixed corrupted surface rendering (bug #5695)
    274  * 3D support: fixed VM crashes when using ''ARB_IMAGING'' (bug #6014)
    275  * 3D support: fixed assertion when guest applications uses several windows with single OpenGL context (bug #4598)
    276  * 3D support: added ''GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object'' support
    277  * 3D support: added OpenGL 2.1 support
    278  * 3D support: fixed Final frame of Compiz animation not updated to the screen (Mac OS X only) (bug #4653)
    279  * 3D support: fixed blank screen after loading snapshot of VM with enabled Compiz
    280  * Added support for virtual high precision event timer (HPET)
    281  * Added support for ''Virtual Distributed Ethernet'' (VDE) (Linux hosts only; see the [/manual/ch06.html#networkingmodes manual])
    282  * OVF: fixed mapping between two IDE channels in OVF and the one IDE controller in !VirtualBox
    283  * OVF: fix VMDK format string identifiers and sort XML elements from rasd: namespace alphabetically as prescribed by standard
    284  * VBoxShell: interactive Python shell extended to be fully functional TUI for !VirtualBox
    285  * Linux Additions: support Fedora 13 (bug #6370)
    286  * VBoxManage: fixed overly strict checks when creating a raw partition VMDK (bugs #688, #4438)
    28864For the changelog of previous !VirtualBox series, have a look at
     65 * [wiki:Changelog-3.2 VirtualBox 3.2]
    28966 * [wiki:Changelog-3.1 VirtualBox 3.1]
    29067 * [wiki:Changelog-3.0 VirtualBox 3.0]

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