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     1= Changelog for VirtualBox 4.1 = 
     3This page lists all changes of the !VirtualBox 4.1 '''[wiki:Download_Old_Builds_4_1 releases]'''.[[BR]] 
     4All branches: [wiki:Changelog 4.2] · [wiki:Changelog-4.1 4.1] · [wiki:Changelog-4.0 4.0] · [wiki:Changelog-3.2 3.2] · [wiki:Changelog-3.1 3.1] · [wiki:Changelog-3.0 3.0] · [wiki:Changelog-2.2 2.2] · [wiki:Changelog-2.1 2.1] · [wiki:Changelog-2.0 2.0] · [wiki:Changelog-1.6 1.6] 
     6'''!VirtualBox 4.1.22''' (released 2012-09-07)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     7This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     8 * VMM: fixed a potential host crash triggered by shutting down a VM when another VM was running (only affected 32-bit hosts and 64-bit OS X hosts, 4.1 regression, bug #9897) 
     9 * VMM: fixed a potential host crash under a high guest memory pressure (seen with Windows 8 guests) 
     10 * VMM: respect RAM preallocation while restoring saved state. 
     11 * VMM: fixed handling of task gates if VT-x/AMD-V is disabled 
     12 * Storage: fixed audio CD passthrough for certain media players 
     13 * USB: don't crash if a USB device is plugged or unplugged when saving or loading the VM state (SMP guests only) 
     14 * RTC: fixed a potential corruption of CMOS bank 1 
     15 * Mac OS X hosts: installer fixes for Leopard (4.1.20 regression) 
     16 * Windows Additions: fixed memory leak in VBoxTray (bug #10808) 
     18'''!VirtualBox 4.1.20''' (released 2012-08-20)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     19This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     20 * VMM: fixed a crash under rare circumstances for VMs running without hardware virtualization 
     21 * VMM: fixed a code analysis bug for certain displacement instructions for VMs running without hardware virtualization 
     22 * VMM: fixed an interpretion bug for ''TPR read'' instructions under rare conditions (AMD-V only) 
     23 * Snapshots: fixed a crash when restoring an old snapshot when powering off a VM (bugs #9604, #10491) 
     24 * VBoxSVC: be more tolerant against environment variables with strange encodings (bug #8780) 
     25 * VGA: fixed wrong access check which might cause a crash under certain conditions 
     26 * NAT: final fix for crashes under rare conditions (bug #10513) 
     27 * Virtio-net: fixed the problem with receiving of GSO packets in Windows XP guests causing packet loss in host-to-VM transfers 
     28 * HPET: several fixes (bugs #10170, #10306) 
     29 * Clipboard: disable the clipboard by default for new VMs 
     30 * BIOS: the PCI BIOS was not properly detected with the chipset type set to ICH9 (bugs #9301, #10327) 
     31 * Mac OS X hosts: adaptions to Mountain Lion 
     32 * Linux Installer: fixes for Gentoo Linux (bug #10642) 
     33 * Linux guests: fixed mouse integration on Fedora 17 guests (bug #2306) 
     34 * Linux Additions: compile fixes for RHEL/CentOS 6.3 (bug #10756) 
     35 * Linux Additions: compile fixes for Linux 3.5-rc1 and Linux 3.6-rc1 (bug #10709) 
     36 * Solaris host: fixed a guru meditation while allocating large pages (bug #10600) 
     37 * Solaris host: fixed possible kernel panics while freeing memory 
     38 * Solaris Installer: fixed missing icon for menu and desktop shortcuts 
     40'''!VirtualBox 4.1.18''' (released 2012-06-20)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     41This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     42 * VMM: fixed ''VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR'' under rare conditions after the guest has been reset (bug #5164 and others) 
     43 * VMM: fixed host freezes with 64-bit guests on 32-bit Linux hosts (bug #10528) 
     44 * VRDP: added a workaround for rdesktop clients not properly updating the screen size when minimized 
     45 * AHCI: fixed a rare bug which can cause a guest memory corruption after the guest storage controler has been reset 
     46 * NAT: another attempt to fix crashes under rare conditions (Windows hosts only; bug #10513) 
     47 * Mac OS X hosts: addressed issues running Leopard / Snow Leopard (bug #10631) 
     48 * Linux hosts / Bridged Networking: fixed the problem with device driver unloading on kernels 3.2.18 and newer due to an invalid reference counter (bug #10624) 
     49 * Linux hosts / guests: Linux 3.5-rc1 fixes 
     50 * Linux Additions: the guest content was sometimes not properly updated (bug #9887) 
     51 * Solaris Additions: installer fix for Server 1.11 and 1.12 
     53'''!VirtualBox 4.1.16''' (released 2012-05-22)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     54This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     55 * VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation ''VERR_ACCESS_DENIED'' with certain guests (bugs #7589, #8247) 
     56 * VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation ''VERR_PAGE_TABLE_NOT_PRESENT'' with Ubuntu 32-bit guests with nested paging enabled on AMD CPUs (bug #10183) 
     57 * VMM: preserve segment limits and attributes when switching to unreal mode required for some legacy guests to work properly (VT-x without unrestricted guest execution only; bug #9941) 
     58 * VMM: fixed a VM hang after a resume from pause / savestate with SMP guests in rare cases 
     59 * 3D Support: several fixes for the Windows WDDM video driver crash 
     60 * NAT: fixed a crash on attempt to process ICMP datagram under some circumstances (bug #10527) 
     61 * Host-only Networking: lifted the maximal number of interfaces to 128 on Linux and Mac OS X hosts (there is no such limitation for Solaris and Windows hosts) 
     62 * EFI: fixed wrong SEC/PEI Core entry point calculation (bug #10531) 
     63 * VRDP: fixed a display update problem (bug #10503) 
     64 * Main: set the proper VM state if ''savestate'' failed for some reason (bug #6189) 
     65 * Main: more useful error message if a medium is inaccessible 
     66 * VBoxManage: fixed ''controlvm savestate'' if the VM is already paused 
     67 * Mac OS X hosts: addressed issues running on Mountain Lion Preview 3 (bug #10267) 
     68 * Linux hosts: Linux 3.4 compile fixes 
     69 * Linux hosts: fixed wrong help path in some rpm-based packages (bug #10418) 
     70 * Guest Additions: fixed handling of custom environment variables during ''VBoxManage guestcontrol execute'' (bug #10581) 
     71 * Windows Additions: fixed guest driver crash of VBoxSF in certain cases (4.1.10 regression, bug #10408) 
     72 * Windows Additions: don't load the WDDM driver if 3D support is not available for Windows 8 guests to keep the guest maintainable in that case (still better to miss some features than providing a blank screen) 
     73 * Solaris Additions: added support for Server 1.11 and 1.12 
     75'''!VirtualBox 4.1.14''' (released 2012-04-26)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     76This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     77 * Network: fixed the problem with packets larger than MTU-4 when PCnet or PRO/1000 was bridged to certain types of adapters on OS X hosts (bug #3783) 
     78 * NAT: fixed a segfault under rare circumstances 
     79 * 3D Support: fixed Windows WDDM video driver crash for SMP guests (bugs #10200, #10331) 
     80 * Windows Guest Additions, VRDP: fixed occasional text corruption (bug #3001) 
     82'''!VirtualBox 4.1.12''' (released 2012-04-02)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     83This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     84 * VMM: fixed ''VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED'' and ''VERR_RAW_MODE_INVALID_SMP'' guru meditation due to an invalid reschedule to raw mode (bug #10370) 
     85 * VMM: fixed ''PDMCritSectLeave'' guru meditation under rare circumstances with SMP guests 
     86 * VMM: proper ''Math Fault'' handling with certain legacy guests (bug #9042) 
     87 * NAT: fixed a socket leak under certain conditions 
     88 * Storage: better sanity check against reading beyond end-of-file 
     89 * Audio: fixed a crash in the NUL audio backend (bug #10374; 4.1.10 regression) 
     90 * HGCM: fixed a crash during savestate under rare circumstances 
     91 * VBoxSVC: several locking fixes 
     92 * VBoxManage: return the correct error code if ''controlvm savestate'' failed (bug #10134) 
     93 * Guest Additions: VBoxService should not crash on exit (bug #10326; 4.1.10 regression) 
     94 * Windows Additions: set the correct time stamp when a file is closed (bug #6473) 
     95 * Windows Additions: better help if the DirectX backups are not properly installed 
     96 * Linux Additions: Linux 3.4-rc1 compile fixes 
     98'''!VirtualBox 4.1.10''' (released 2012-03-13)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     99This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     100 * GUI: if 3D support on the host is not available for some reason, do not only disable this VM setting but also uncheck the checkbox 
     101 * VMM: fixed a potential problem causing to schedule interrupts during ''SYSEXIT'' right after ''STI'' 
     102 * VMM: fixed a potential guest memory corruption issue with page fusion 
     103 * VMM: adjusted the module matching algorithm for page fusion a little, generally resulting in slightly more shared pages 
     104 * Main: host interfaces no longer have "defaults" for IP address and network mask attributes 
     105 * Main: don't depend on a password for certain guest control operations (bug #10030) 
     106 * 3D Support: fixed Windows XP hosts support (4.1.8 regression; bugs #10071 and #10088) 
     107 * 3D Support: rendering fixes for Linux hosts with NVIDIA graphics 
     108 * 3D Support: fixed saved state issues (4.1.8 regression; bug #10126) 
     109 * 3D Support: WDDM driver: fixed powershell_ise crashes (bug #10167), make WPF-based apps work with Aero enabled, fixed additional possible WinSAT crashes 
     110 * VRDP: fixed remote clipboard compatibility issues with some clients 
     111 * Storage: fixed a possible data corruption when compacting VDI or VHD images with snapshots (32-bit hosts only) 
     112 * iSCSI: fixed crash when using incorrect credentials when authenticating with a LIO target (bug #10173) 
     113 * Serial: don't abort in host mode under rare error conditions (non-Windows hosts only) 
     114 * SDK: actually ship current C bindings 
     115 * SDK: fixed the Java glue code for JDK 1.7.0 (bug #9848) 
     116 * SDK: added Python example 
     117 * Metrics: make metrics collection more robust regarding blocked VMs 
     118 * Web service: added SSL/TLS support 
     119 * VBoxShell: fixed Guest Additions information lookup 
     120 * Solaris installer: fixed dependency checking while installing !VirtualBox in a zone 
     121 * Linux hosts/guests: Linux 3.3-rc1 compile fixes 
     122 * Solaris hosts: fixed debug kernel panics while opening module CTF data (bug #9651) 
     123 * Mac OS X hosts: fixed Python support on Lion 
     124 * Linux Additions: make 3D passthrough work on OL/RHEL 6.2 (bug #10010) 
     125 * Linux Additions: fixed missing implementation when copying shared folder data through kernel high memory (bug #9878) 
     126 * Linux Additions: make sure all data is written when closing a memory mapped file on a shared folder 
     127 * Linux Additions: added support for X.Org Server 1.12 
     128 * Solaris Additions: fixed guest kernel driver to load properly on guest reboot (4.1.8 regression; bug #10113) 
     129 * Solaris Additions: fixed missing 64-bit OpenGL library (bug #10151) 
     130 * Solaris Additions: fixed VBoxService import and start for Solaris 11 guests. 
     131 * Windows Additions: some Windows 8 adaptions 
     132 * Windows Additions: several fixes for shared folders (bug #9753) 
     133 * Guest control: miscellaneous bugfixes 
     135'''!VirtualBox 4.1.8''' (released 2011-12-19)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     136This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     137 * VMM: fixed ''VERR_MAP_FAILED'' during savestate under certain circumstances (bug #7929) 
     138 * GUI: stop updating the VM status icons when the VM is paused (bug #8368) 
     139 * VBoxManage: fixed wrong return code after ''startvm'' (bug #9642) 
     140 * BIOS: fixed hang at launch of DOS applications generated by Clipper 5.3 (note that hardware virtualization may be required)  
     141 * USB: fixed OS/2 boot hang when using recent USB drivers 
     142 * NAT: increase maximum number of parallel connections making connections with port forwarding more robust (#8471) 
     143 * Metrics: fixed potential problem with invalid access in guest metrics collection upon VM destruction 
     144 * Main: don't crash if a medium is ejected twice (bug #9922) 
     145 * VBoxSVC: fixed crash under rare circumstances (e.g. client crash) 
     146 * VRDP: fixed screen freeze (bug #9620) 
     147 * OVF/OVA: fixed broken disk images on import under rare circumstances 
     148 * OVF/OVA: better error message when importing corrupted appliances 
     149 * VMDK/VHD: fixed a possible corruption with host cache disabled when using snapshots under rare circumstances (bug #9749) 
     150 * 3D Support: Fixed fullscreen mode issues for ATI graphics (bug #9775), Windows Media Player rendering for XPDM-based Direct3D support (bug #8341). Multiple fixes to XPDM and WDDM - based 3D support for Windows Guests and for 3D support in general 
     151 * Linux hosts: fixes for Fedoras Linux 2.6.41 (bug #9948) 
     152 * Linux hosts/guests: fixes for Linux 3.2 (bug #9743) 
     153 * Solaris Additions: various shared folder fixes (bugs #9856, #9862, #9917) 
     154 * Windows Additions: various fixes for Direct3D support (un)installation, added detection of missing or wrong Direct3D system files 
     156'''!VirtualBox 4.1.6''' (released 2011-11-04)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     157This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     158 * VRDP: fixed screen corruption 
     159 * NAT: the interface stopped working after a lot of failed ICMP requests (bug #9371) 
     160 * E1000: fixed rare Windows 7 guest hangs, either at boot time or when reconfiguring the network card in unusual setups (bug #6223) 
     161 * ATA: fixed a possible crash during ATAPI passthrough with certain guests 
     162 * ATA: improved compatibility with ancient Linux kernels 
     163 * Main: fixed incorrect framebuffer information after leaving the fullscreen mode with X11 guests, this lead to a scrambled preview window in the GUI for example 
     164 * Mac OS X hosts: fixed the problem with duplicate packets when bridged to a wireless interface (bug #9648) 
     165 * Linux hosts: fix for 3D support on Fedora 15 (bug #9799) 
     166 * Linux hosts: don't call ''del_timer_sync'' from an interrupt context (Fedora bug report 746331) 
     167 * Windows Vista and 7 guests: more WDDM fixes 
     168 * Linux Additions: fixed kernel module compilation failure on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 (bug #9709) 
     169 * Linux Additions: install the DRI driver correctly on Ubuntu 11.10 guests 
     170 * Solaris Additions: added read-only ''mmap'' support for shared folders 
     171 * Solaris Additions: added directory, file mode and mask options for shared folders 
     172 * Windows Additions: implemented faster detection of logged-in guest users and stale sessions 
     173 * X.Org Additions: fixed graphical corruption when switching to a virtual terminal (bug #9490) 
     175'''!VirtualBox 4.1.4''' (released 2011-10-03)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     176This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     177 * VMM: fixed PAE guests running on 32-bit hosts (4.0 regression; bug #9458) 
     178 * VMM: fixed ''INVALID_PARAMETER'' guru meditation caused by insufficient memory conditions (4.1.0 regression; bug #9240) 
     179 * VMM: fixed clobbered CPU registers during ''stos/lods/ins/outs'' emulation under rare circumstances 
     180 * VMM: another fix for 64-bit guests on recent AMD CPUs 
     181 * GUI: warn the user if he uses an outdated extension pack and allow to download and upgrade in that case (bug #8025) 
     182 * GUI: fixed spurious LCtrl key events on some Windows hosts (4.0.6 regression; bug #373) 
     183 * VBoxManage: another fix for ''extpack install --replace'' (bug #9308) 
     184 * VBoxManage: allow to specify the UUID of the target image in ''convertfromraw'' 
     185 * VRDP: fixed a rare crash when two or more clients connect to the server (bug #9503) 
     186 * VRDP: fixed a case when a client was not resized correctly (bug #9242) 
     187 * USB: make device capturing work on Windows hosts with usbhub class filter drivers installed (bug #9298); bugfixes for Windows host USB support 
     188 * VHD: fixed reads crossing block boundaries (bug #8532) 
     189 * VMDK: fixed progress indicator when creating split VMDK images 
     190 * Floppy: fixed medium size detection for physical mediums (Windows hosts only) 
     191 * Main: fixed VM initialization if a shared folder does not exist (bug #7941) 
     192 * Main: fixed possible deadlock between hard disk enumeration and resetting of immutable disks (bug #9549) 
     193 * Main: fixed not detaching of virtual storage after a snapshot restore operation (bug #8296) 
     194 * Main: always reset modified state after restoring a snapshot (bug #9387) 
     195 * Main: fixed writing of changed VM settings to disk when using snapshots (bug #8932) 
     196 * Main: fixed taking screen shots (e.g. the preview window) for headless VMs if the Guest Additions are active 
     197 * Virtio-net: fixed the problem with UDP packets exceeding MTU (bug #9370) 
     198 * 3D Support: fixed incorrect rendering and possible crashes when switching to/from fullscreen with enabled 2D acceleration 
     199 * 3D Support: fixed Compiz under Ubuntu 9.10 
     200 * Guest control: Miscellaneous small bugfixes 
     201 * Linux / Solaris hosts: don't use hard links in packages (4.1.2 regression; bug #9441) 
     202 * Mac OS X hosts: fix installation issues when installed as root (bug #1578) 
     203 * Mac OS X hosts: fixed packet capture issues with vboxnetX host-only interfaces (bug #8076) 
     204 * Solaris hosts: fixed incoming multicast packets for Crossbow based bridged networking (bug #9532) 
     205 * Solaris hosts: fixed starting EFI guests due to missing EFI ROM files (bug #9535) 
     206 * Windows hosts installer: fixed ''ADDLOCAL'' usage on command line (4.1.0 regression; bug #9488) 
     207 * Windows hosts installer: fixed dangling shortcut to the .chm help file (bug #9646) 
     208 * Windows hosts installer: try to fix installation error 2869 which appeared under certain circumstances (bug #9664) 
     209 * Windows hosts: VBoxHeadless should never open a separate console window (bug #3549) 
     210 * Guest Additions: fixed hang while waiting for guest execution output (4.1.2 regression; bug #9446) 
     211 * Linux Additions: add support for X.Org Server 1.11 (bug #9519)  
     212 * Linux Additions: suppress an incorrect error message and allow a shared folder to be mounted in multiple places (bug #9627)  
     213 * Linux Additions: start VBoxService correctly on openSUSE 12.1 (bug #6229)  
     214 * Linux Additions: properly finish the installation even if the compilation of the DRM module fails (which is not fatal) 
     215 * Solaris Additions: fixed memory leaks and panics while mounting (from console) and unmounting shared folders. 
     216 * Windows Additions: fixed swapped mouse cursor hotspot coordinates (4.1.0 regression; bug #9447) 
     217 * Windows Additions: fixed ''PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA'' BSOD in VBoxDisp.dll when running !SnippingTool (bug #9508) 
     218 * Windows Additions: make image viewer work correctly with Aero enabled (Vista and Windows 7) 
     219 * Windows Additions: fixed incorrect window border blurs under Aero with ATI cards (Vista and Windows 7) 
     220 * Windows Additions: fixed incorrect rendering when moving 3D applications outside guest desktop and back under Aero (Vista and Windows 7) 
     221 * Windows Additions: fixed guest hangs when switching back from fullscreen text mode apps (bug #9636) 
     223'''!VirtualBox 4.1.2''' (released 2011-08-15)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     224This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added: 
     225 * VMM: fixed 64-bit guests on AMD Fusion CPUs (bug #8824) 
     226 * VMM: fixed handling of the ''sysenter/sysexit'' machine instructions in 64-bit guests on Intel hosts 
     227 * GUI: added linked clone support 
     228 * GUI: fixed error check when changing the VM controller settings (4.1.0 regression; bug #9246) 
     229 * GUI: fixed the inclusion of additional information (license, vendor, ...) on OVF export 
     230 * GUI: when taking a snapshot from the VM selector, don't do a live snapshot 
     231 * GUI: fixed immediate crash during start on certain environments due to a library version conflict 
     232 * Guest control execution: implemented copying single files from guest to the host (directories and filters not supported yet) 
     233 * Guest control execution: limited to serve up to 5 guest processes at a time by default 
     234 * Main: return the correct RDP default port fixing settings warnings in the GUI if the remote display was enabled at runtime (bug #9368) 
     235 * VBoxSVC: made the path comparison OS independent when images are registered (bug #9303) 
     236 * VBoxSVC: several fixes/performance improvements for cloning of VMs 
     237 * Snapshots: fixed "Solid-State drive" flag survival on snapshot creation (bug #9379) 
     238 * VBoxManage: implemented ''copyfrom'' and ''stat'' guest control tools to copy files from guest to host and to check for existence of files on the guest 
     239 * VBoxManage: fixed ''extpack install --replace'' (bug #9308) 
     240 * VBoxManage: allow to start multiple VMs with ''startvm'' 
     241 * VBoxManage: experimental support for SATA CD/DVD hotplugging 
     242 * Mouse support: fixed an off-by-one pointer position error affecting Windows guests (bugs #7566,  #9321) 
     243 * VRDP: fixed a case when the screen was not redrawn correctly (bug #9242) 
     244 * NAT: changed TCP connection establishment according to Winsock API requirements (Windows hosts only; bug #8919) 
     245 * USB: fixed device recognition issues (bugs #9299) and fixed several device capturing issues (Windows hosts; bug #9299) 
     246 * USB: fixed issues with remote filters being applied to local USB devices 
     247 * OVA: fixed import of renamed OVA files (bug #9033) 
     248 * Windows host: fixed icon for .VDI files (bug #9393) 
     249 * Solaris hosts: fixed a bug preventing parallel usage of multiple host NICs with Crossbow based bridged networking 
     250 * Linux hosts: fixed random kernel panics on host suspend / shutdown (4.1.0 regression; bug #9305) 
     251 * Guest Additions: keep logged in user count in out-of-memory situations and warn about it 
     252 * Solaris Additions: fixed shared folders due to missing symbols in the vboxfs module (4.0.12 / 4.1.0 regression; bug #9264) 
     253 * Windows Additions: fixed file truncation on a shared folder with some applications (bugs #9276, #9315) 
     254 * Windows Additions: fixed shared folder issues with antivirus software and 64 bit Windows guests (bug #9318) 
     255 * Windows Vista and 7 guests: WDDM driver fixes and performance enhancements, fixed WinSAT crashes (#9267) 
     256 * Linux Additions: fixed ''llseek()'' for Linux kernels 2.6.37 and above 
     258'''!VirtualBox 4.1.0''' (released 2011-07-19)[[BR]][[BR]] 
     259This version is a major update. The following major new features were added: 
     260 * Support for cloning of VMs (bug #5853, see the manual for more information): full clones can be created through the GUI and VBoxManage, linked clones only through VBoxManage 
     261 * GUI: enhanced wizard for creating new virtual disks 
     262 * GUI: new wizard for copying virtual disks 
     263 * GUI: keep the aspect ratio in scale mode (Windows and OSX hosts only; bug #7822) 
     264 * VMM: raised the memory limit for 64-bit hosts to 1TB 
     265 * Experimental support for PCI passthrough for Linux hosts, see the manual for more information 
     266 * Windows guests: Experimental WDDM graphics driver, supporting Windows Aero (bug #4607) and providing Direct3D support using a cleaner approach (no need to install the guest drivers in Safe Mode anymore) 
     267 * Guest Additions: status of modules and features can now be queried separately by the frontends 
     268 * Networking: new network attachment mode "Generic Driver", which offers an open plugin architecture for arbitrary and separately distributable virtual network implementations 
     269 * Host-only Networking: fixed host crash in kernels prior to 2.6.29  
     270 * New Networking Mode UDP Tunnel: allows to interconnect VMs running on different hosts easily and transparently, see the manual for more information 
     271 * Experimental support for SATA hard disk hotplugging available with VBoxManage 
     272 * Solaris hosts: New Crossbow based bridged networking driver for Solaris 11 build 159 and above 
     273In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added: 
     274 * VMM: more SMP timer fixes 
     275 * VMM: fixed sporadic recompiler crashes with SMP guests 
     276 * VMM: many small fixes 
     277 * GUI: when reverting to a snapshot, ask for taking a snapshot of the current state 
     278 * GUI: added a View menu 
     279 * GUI: added a setting for the promiscuous mode policy for internal networks, bridged networks and host-only networks 
     280 * GUI: added slider for setting the CPU execution cap allowing to limit the amount of CPU time spent for the execution of the guest, see the manual for more information. 
     281 * GUI: the VM description is editable during the runtime of a VM (bug #1551) 
     282 * GUI: added proxy settings (bug #2870) 
     283 * GUI: made the number of SATA ports configurable 
     284 * GUI: decrease time before showing the VM configuration dialog 
     285 * VBoxManage: more convenient configuration of storage controller attachments by automatically determining the port or device parameter when a storage controller has only one port or device per port 
     286 * VBoxManage: changed syntax of the guestcontrol command group, fixed various bugs, removed obsolete options 
     287 * VBoxBalloonCtrl: new service for automatic dynamic adjustment of the balloon size for running VMs 
     288 * Settings: machine names and snapshot names are not allowed to be a valid UUID 
     289 * Settings: provide better diagnostics if a single medium is used twice in a VM configuration 
     290 * Settings: provide better diagnostics for errors in medium create/merge/clone operations, and fix memory leaks in error cases 
     291 * Storage: ATA/SATA drives can be marked as non-rotational, i.e. the guest OS will detect them as a SSD if supported, which can improve performance 
     292 * Storage: virtual CD/DVD images will be detached if the guest ejects the medium, unless the drive is marked to handle ejects only on a temporary basis 
     293 * Storage: the medium UUID can be changed again when attaching a medium for the first time, which allows using images which are exact duplicates including the UUID 
     294 * Storage: fixed possible data corruption under certain circumstances with VHD and Parallels images (bug #9150) 
     295 * Storage: fixed unnecessary expansion when cloning differential images in VDI format 
     296 * Storage: fixed detection code to handle empty files for VDI and VMDK format 
     297 * Storage: fixed access to CD/DVD images beyond 4GB when using the SATA controller (bug #8592) 
     298 * Floppy: several bugs have been fixed 
     299 * Floppy: make it possible to unmount a host floppy disk (bug #6651) 
     300 * BIOS: disk-related structures are now checksummed correctly (bug #8739) 
     301 * USB: many fixes for the Windows USB host driver 
     302 * NAT: reduced memory footprint 
     303 * Networking: fixed the problem with segmentation offloading when several VMs are transmitting in parallel 
     304 * Networking: workaround for a bug in wireshark when operating directly on a capture file created by !VirtualBox 
     305 * Serial: announce the serial devices in the ACPI tables to make Windows guests find the virtual hardware (bug #7411) 
     306 * VRDP: support for TLS connections (see the manual for more information)  
     307 * VRDP: support for multimonitor client configurations with MS RDP clients 
     308 * VRDP: fixed a rare screen corruption 
     309 * 3D support: fixed ''GL_VERSION'' string for different locales (bug #8916) 
     310 * Webservice: fixed timeout handling with HTTP 1.1 keepalive, and be more robust when connections fail 
     311 * VBoxSVC: fixed regression when several clients trigger autostart simultaneously 
     312 * Main: fixed incorrect handling of the medium location for media which are not file based (e.g. iSCSI), which resulted in confusing location values in many places 
     313 * JAX-WS client bindings: fixed resource leak 
     314 * Sources: fixed USB 2.0 support using extension packs for non-official builds 
     315 * Mac OS X hosts: fixed non-VT-x mode on Lion hosts 
     316 * Windows hosts: fixed copy'n'paste in the GUI and for the VM window (bug #4491) 
     317 * Windows hosts (64-bit only): enabled removing of all mediums when removing a VM 
     318 * Windows hosts (64-bit only): enabled live snapshot deletion 
     319 * Windows hosts: use native controls in the installer (bug #5520) 
     320 * Solaris hosts: fixed preemption issue with Solaris 11 hosts (builds 166 and above) 
     321 * Solaris hosts: better control of USB device access on Solaris 11 hosts 
     322 * Guest Additions: improved driver installation on Windows guests 
     323 * Guest Additions: fixed high CPU usage while executing guest programs from the host 
     324 * Solaris Additions: fixed automounting of shared folders (bug #8014)
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