Changelog for VirtualBox 2.0

This page lists all changes of the VirtualBox 2.0 releases.
All branches: 5.1 · 5.0 · 4.3 · 4.2 · 4.1 · 4.0 · 3.2 · 3.1 · 3.0 · 2.2 · 2.1 · 2.0 · 1.6

VirtualBox 2.0.x is no longer supported!

VirtualBox 2.0.12 (released 2009-10-20)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VRDP: fixed regression in Remote USB Protocol version 3
  • Main: fixed possible hang during guest reboot
  • VMM: fixed guru meditation in rare cases (software virtualization only)
  • E1000: fixed receiving of multicast packets
  • iSCSI: fixed issue with COMSTAR targets
  • iSCSI: fixed issue with NetApp targets (#5072)
  • iSCSI: fixed target login/logout for dropped connections, parameter negotiation, and status processing for targets which do not use phase collapse
  • Webservice: fixed a severe memory leak, at least on platforms using XPCOM
  • Guest Additions: fixed possible guest OS kernel memory exhaustion
  • Solaris hosts: fixed a rare host system deadlock when using bridged networking
  • Solaris Additions: fixed a potential deadlock while waking threads from interrupt context

VirtualBox 2.0.10 (released 2009-07-21)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • Guest Additions: fixed support for Fedora 10, Ubuntu 8.10, Linux from Scratch, openSUSE 11 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
  • Guest Additions: refuse to install drivers for unsupported X.Org versions
  • Guest Additions: fixed enumeration of guest properties with VBoxControl
  • VMM: fixed PGMPOOLKIND_FREE guru meditation (bugs #3356, #3431)
  • VBoxManage: fixed incorrect partition table processing when creating VMDK files giving raw partition access (bug #3510)
  • VRDP: support Windows 7 RDP client
  • VRDP: support Remote USB Protocol version 3
  • VRDP: option to make a RDP client name, user name and domain available as guest properties

VirtualBox 2.0.8 (released 2009-03-10)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: fixed guest hangs when restoring VT-x or AMD-V saved states/snapshots
  • VMM: fixed memory allocation issues which can cause VM start failures with VERR_PGM_MAPPING_CONFLICT error
  • VMM: fixed host crashes/hangs on certain 32 bits Windows systems when running Linux guests (bugs #1606, #2269, #2763)
  • XPCOM/Main: fixed synchronization bug caused by SYSV semaphore key collisions
  • ATA: fixed deadlock when pausing VM due to problems with the virtual disk (e.g. disk full, iSCSI target unavailable)
  • iSCSI: fixed possible crash when pausing the VM
  • iSCSI: fix PDU validity checking and detect final PDU reliably
  • VBoxHeadless: really don’t start X11 services (clipboard service, 3D acceleration; Solaris & Darwin hosts only; bug #3199)
  • Networking: fixed issue where a VM could lose connectivity after a reboot
  • Linux hosts: fixed occasional kernel oopses (bug #2556)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed high CPU load while running many guests in parallel
  • Solaris hosts: fixed inability to start more than 128 VMs
  • Solaris/Web services: fixed SMF script to set home directory correctly
  • Linux Additions: fixed occasional file corruption when writing files in O_APPEND mode to a shared folder (bug #2844)

VirtualBox 2.0.6 (released 2008-11-21)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: fixed Guru meditation when running 64 bits Windows guests (bug #2220)
  • VMM: fixed Solaris 10U6 boot hangs (VT-x and AMD-V) bug #2565)
  • VMM: fixed Solaris 10U6 reboot hangs (AMD-V only; bug #2565)
  • GUI: the host key was sometimes not properly displayed (Windows hosts only, bug #1996)
  • GUI: the keyboard focus was lost after minimizing and restoring the VM window via the Windows taskbar (bugs #784)
  • VBoxManage: properly show SATA disks when showing the VM information (bug #2624)
  • SATA: fixed access if the buffer size is not sector-aligned (bug #2024)
  • SATA: improved performance
  • SATA: fixed snapshot function with ports>1 (bug #2510)
  • E1000: fixed crash under rare circumstances
  • USB: fixed support for iPhone and Nokia devices (Linux host: bugs #470 & #491)
  • Windows host installer: added proper handling of open VirtualBox applications when updating the installation
  • Windows host installer: fixed default installation directory on 64-bit on new installations (bug #2501)
  • Linux/Solaris/Darwin hosts: verify permissions in /tmp/vbox-$USER-ipc
  • Linux hosts: fixed assertion on high network load (AMD64 hosts, fix for Linux distributions with glibc 2.6 and newer (bug #616)
  • Linux hosts: don’t crash during shutdown with serial ports connected to a host device
  • Solaris hosts: fixed incompatibility between IPSEC and host interface networking
  • Solaris hosts: fixed a rare race condition while powering off VMs with host interface networking
  • Solaris hosts: fixed VBoxSDL on Solaris 10 by shipping the required SDL library (bug #2475)
  • Windows additions: fixed logged in users reporting via guest properties when using native RDP connections
  • Windows additions: fixed Vista crashes when accessing shared folders under certain circumstances (bug #2461)
  • Windows additions: fixed shared folders access with MS-Office (bug #2591)
  • Linux additions: fixed compilation of vboxvfs.ko for 64-bit guests (bug #2550)
  • SDK: added JAX-WS port caching to speedup connections

VirtualBox 2.0.4 (released 2008-10-24)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: better error reporting for VT-x failures
  • VMM: don’t overflow the release log with PATM messages (bug #1775)
  • VMM: fixed save state restore in real mode (software virtualization only)
  • GUI: work around a Qt bug on Mac OS X (bug #2321)
  • GUI: properly install the Qt4 accessible plugin (bug #629)
  • SATA: error message when starting a VM with a VMDK connected to a SATA port (bug #2182)
  • SATA: fixed Guru mediation when booting OpenSolaris/64; most likely applies to other guests as well (bug #2292)
  • Network: don’t crash when changing the adapter link state if no host driver is attached (bug #2333)
  • VHD: fixed bug which prevents booting from VHD images bigger than 4GB (bug #2085)
  • VRDP: fixed a repaint problem when the guest resolution was not equal to the client resolution
  • Clipboard: don’t crash when host service initialization takes longer than expected (Linux hosts only; bug #2001)
  • Windows hosts: VBoxSVC.exe crash (bug #2212)
  • Windows hosts: VBoxSVC.exe memory leak due to a Windows WMI memory leak (Vista only) (bug #2242)
  • Windows hosts: VBoxSVC.exe delays GUI startup
  • Linux hosts: handle jiffies counter overflow (VM stuck after 300 seconds of host uptime; bug #2247)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed host or guest side networking going stale while using host interface networking (bug #2474)
  • Solaris hosts: added support for using unplumbed network interfaces and Crossbow Virtual Network Interfaces (VNICs) with host interface networking
  • Solaris hosts: reworked threading model improves performance for host interface networking
  • Windows additions: fixed crash when accessing deep directory structures in a shared folder
  • Windows additions: improved shared folder name resolving (bug #1728)
  • Windows additions: fixed Windows 2000 shutdown crash (bug #2254)
  • Windows additions: fixed error code for MoveFile() if the target exists (bug #2350)
  • Linux additions: fixed seek() for files bigger than 2GB (bug #2379)
  • Linux additions: support Ubuntu 8.10
  • Linux additions: clipboard fixes (bug #2015)
  • Web services: improved documentation and fixed example (bug #1642)

VirtualBox 2.0.2 (released 2008-09-12)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: fixed inability to run more than one VM in parallel (AMD-V on CPUs with erratum 170 only; bug #2167)
  • VMM: VT-x stability fixes (bug #2179 and others)
  • VMM: fixed Linux 2.6.26+ kernel crashes (used by Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha, Fedora 10 Alpha; bug #1875)
  • VMM: fixed 64 bits Linux 2.6.26 kernel crashes (Debian)
  • VMM: fixed Vista (32 bits) guest crash during boot when PAE and NX are enabled (applied to 64 bits hosts with VT-x enabled only)
  • VMM: fixed OS/2 guest crashes during boot (AMD-V; bug #2132)
  • GUI: fixed crash when trying to release an inaccessible image in the virtual disk manager
  • GUI: fixed invalid error message for a changed snapshot path even if that path wasn't changed (bug #2064)
  • GUI: fixed crash when creating a new hard disk image (bug #2060)
  • GUI: fixed crash when adding a hard disk in the VM settings (bug #2081)
  • GUI: fixed a bug where VirtualBox isn't working with the new QGtkStyle plugin (bug #2066)
  • GUI: fixed VM close dialog in seamless mode (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #2067)
  • GUI: fixed standard menu entries for NLS versions (Mac OS X hosts only)
  • GUI: disable the VT-x/AMD-V setting when it's not supported by the CPU (or on Mac OS X hosts)
  • VBoxManage: fixed crash during internalcommands createrawvmdk (bug #2184)
  • VBoxManage: fixed output of snapshot showvminfo (bug #698)
  • Guest properties: added information about guest network interfaces (Windows guests only)
  • Shared Folders: fixed regression that caused Windows guest crashes (bug #2055)
  • API: fixed number of installed CPUs (Solaris hosts only)
  • VRDP: allow a client to reconnect to an existing session on the VRDP server by dropping the existing connection (configurable and disabled by default; only relevant when multiconnection mode is disabled)
  • VRDP: fixed an image repaint problem
  • Linux hosts: fixed bug in vboxdrv.ko that could corrupt kernel memory and panic the kernel (bug #2078)
  • Linux hosts: compile fixes for kernel module on Linux 2.6.27
  • Mac OS X hosts: added Python support
  • Additions: fixed a possible hang in HGCM communication after a VM reboot
  • Windows additions: added support for Windows XP 64 bits (bug #2117)
  • Linux additions: deactivate dynamic resizing on Linux guests with buggy X servers
  • Linux additions: support Ubuntu 8.10 guests and Fedora 9 guests (dynamic resizing disabled for the latter) (bug #1854)
  • Linux additions: added installer check for the system architecture
  • Linux additions: fixed Xorg modules path for some Linux distributions (bug #2128)
  • VMDK: be more liberal with ambiguous parts of the format specification and accept more format variants (bug #2062)
  • VHD: fixed a bug in the VHD backend which resulted in reading the wrong data (bug #2085)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed kernel panic on certain machines when starting VMs with host interface networking (bug #2183)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed inability to access NFS shares on the host when host interface networking was enabled
  • Solaris hosts: installer now detects and reports when installing under the wrong architecture
  • Solaris hosts: fixed security hardening that prevented starting VMs from non-global zones even as root (bug #1948)
  • Solaris additions: combined the 32 bit and 64 bit additions installer into a single package
  • Mac OS X hosts: experimental support for attaching a real serial port to the guest

VirtualBox 2.0.0 (released 2008-09-04)

This version is a major update. The following major new features were added:

  • 64 bits guest support (64 bits host only)
  • New native Leopard user interface on Mac OS X hosts
  • The GUI was converted from Qt3 to Qt4 with many visual improvements
  • New-version notifier
  • Guest property information interface
  • Host Interface Networking on Mac OS X hosts
  • New Host Interface Networking on Solaris hosts
  • Support for Nested Paging on modern AMD CPUs (major performance gain)
  • Framework for collecting performance and resource usage data (metrics)
  • Added SATA asynchronous IO (NCQ: Native Command Queuing) when accessing raw disks/partitions (major performance gain)
  • Clipboard integration for OS/2 Guests
  • Created separate SDK component featuring a new Python programming interface on Linux and Solaris hosts
  • Support for VHD disk images

In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: VT-x fixes
  • AHCI/SATA: improved performance
  • GUI: keyboard fixes
  • Linux installer: properly uninstall the package even if unregistering the DKMS module fails
  • Linux additions: the guest screen resolution is properly restored
  • Network: added support for jumbo frames (> 1536 bytes)
  • Shared Folders: fixed guest crash with Windows Media Player 11
  • Mac OS X: Ctrl+Left mouse click doesn’t simulate a right mouse click in the guest anymore. Use Hostkey+Left for a right mouse click emulation. (bug #1766)
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