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    99 * '''Try out a [wiki:Testbuilds test build]''' to see if the problem has already been fixed. 
    1010 * '''Do some research''' (e.g. using search engines, our [ forums] and [search:?link&q=&ticket=on existing bug tickets]) before creating a ticket.  Try to '''solve as much of the problem''' as you can yourself or in collaboration with other users. 
    12 == Some advice to make your bug ticket as useful as possible == 
    14  * Describe as precisely as you can '''how to reproduce the problem''', bearing in mind that it may be triggered by something special on your own computer system.  Fixing problems which cannot be reproduced is long and painful, both for the developer '''and the bug reporter'''.  It may help to find other people with the same problem and compare notes. 
    15  * '''Attach a (full) log file''' straight away to save time for you and for us.  The log file contains a lot of useful information about both the host and the guest systems as well as information about what happened during a particular machine run.  Please '''do not cut and paste it'''. 
    16  * Look for possible [ duplicate tickets] and [ end-user forum] topics first, but unless you are sure, create a new ticket and point out the possible duplicates there. 
    17  * '''Choose a summary carefully.'''  The bug tracker and ticket notifications are mainly seen by (busy) developers, and unless a summary catches their eye and looks related to the things they as an individual work on the ticket may not even be read. 
    18  * Please stay '''polite, relevant and on-topic'''.  Offensive or unrelated comments and tickets hurt everyone and may be deleted. 
    19  * Do '''not''' report compile and development problems here, use the [ developer mailing list] for such problems. 
    20  * If you want to report a '''crash''' of !VirtualBox on a Linux/Solaris host, please provide a [ core dump] if possible.  If you want to report a crash on a Windows host, please attach a [ minidump] if possible. 
    21  * Use `{{{` and `}}}` to enclose verbose text. See [ Wikiformatting] for more details on how to use other format specifiers to make your text look pretty. 
    2312To create new tickets, you must have registered with this site ''and''
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