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Advice for problems related to third-party software and VirtualBox.


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    1010 * '''Do some research''' (e.g. using search engines, our [ forums] and [search:?link&q=&ticket=on existing bug tickets]) before creating a ticket.  Your problem may well be known; someone (we or others) may have solved it or be working on a solution; you may find out enough to solve it yourself. 
    1111 * You should find out and understand as much about the problem as possible before creating the ticket, so that you can create '''as clear, as complete and as concise''' a description as possible for whoever (us, someone else, yourself) attempts to fix the problem.  Consider using the forums to get help with this. 
     12 * As many problems involve using '''software or operating systems with which we are not familiar''', or do not even have access to, with !VirtualBox, you can help us by using your own knowledge of the software and the help channels available for it to analyse the problem "from the other side" and find out the simplest possible way to reproduce it. 
    1213 * Describe as precisely as you can '''how to reproduce the problem''', bearing in mind that it may be triggered by something special on your own computer system.  It is often next to impossible for a developer to fix a problem that they cannot reproduce.  It may help to find other people with the same problem and compare notes. 
    1314 * '''Choose a summary carefully.'''  The bug tracker and ticket notifications are mainly seen by (busy) developers, and unless a summary catches their eye and looks related to the things they as an individual work on the ticket may not even be read.
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