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     3I have performed a lot of testing with host-only networks (up to and including version 4.3.28) and it seems that there are several bugs with this thing at least on MS Windows hosts:[[BR]] 
     4When 1st (default) adapter is there and you add a second one, then:[[BR]] 
     5  a) Set IP address to with mask; new network adapter in Windows network control panel is OK. In VirtualBox UI, a generated IP address with mask is shown instead. Interface is malfunctioning (of course).[[BR]] 
     6  b) Workaround posted by 'Bright' does not work either. You can remove all network adapters and create a new one. New one will not work as expected (at least sometimes).[[BR]] 
     7  c) It randomly happens that if I remove all adapters and create two new ones, then '''no error are reported.''' After closing and re-opening the VirtualBox UI, none of the network adapters are still there (also not in the MS Windows network control panel).[[BR]] 
     9Moreover, once the host-only interface gets configured in the right way, then starting a virtual machine and pinging the (static) IP configured on eth1 in the VM (in my case: from the physical host takes up to fifteen (15!!!) seconds until the interface comes up and pongs. Please note that the services in the VM bound to this IP are up and running after approx. four seconds. Once it is up and running, then everyhting works smoothly, though.[[BR]] 
     11'''[PREVIOUS POST]'''[[BR]] 
    112I can confirm that version 4.3.26 still suffers from this UGLY bug: If you define a host-only network adapter (I use the MS COM API to accomplish this task), then addr= and mask= (/24) SOMETIMES works, sometimes not, i.e. DHCP is disabled but an arbitrary IPv4 address appears instead of the configured one. The VirtualBox.xml file indicates the ExtraDataItem-Elements with the correct values (, but VBOX does not seem to care about it. 
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