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HostMemoryLow error - windows 2008r2 x64 host

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Component: clipboard Version: VirtualBox 4.0.2
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Guest type: BSD Host type: Windows



I'm getting the dreaded HostMemoryLow message on a windows host. I have looked through the forums and can see this error has been round for a while now, with no fix being made available. A couple of posts have said to try sysinternals cacheset utility. I have tried this (setting max size to 10% of physical memory) but still get this error.

This error manifests itself after I have started 5 guests (details below) which run ok - when I start the 6th guest (it doesnt matter if its a windows or linux guest) then the guest VM is paused with the HostMemory low error. There is plenty of memory available to the guest according to taskmanager/resource monitor (4GB ).

Please could somebody spare the time to look into this problem in order to provide a fix - I would rather stay with VirtualBox but will have to go over to VMware if there is no resolution forthcoming.

VirtualBox = 4.0.2 r69518

Host Platform:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64

Processor: Intel core2 quad cpu Q9400 @ 2.66GHZ Installed Memory 8GB

Current running guests are :

2 x Windows 2003 Server - base memory 404MB, 256MB 3 x Centos 5.4 - base memory 768MB, 381MB, 1279MB

Task Manager Reports:

Total= 8125MB Cached = 1966MB Available = 3905MB Free= 1992MB

Resource Monitor Reports Hardware reserved 67MB In Use 4183MB Modified 56MB Standby 1914 MB Free 1971 MB Available 3883MB Cached 1970MB

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