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character encoding munged in CLI on Windows

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I must admit that I don't know if VirtualBox is to blame or Windows 7. I have an otherwise US English installation of Windows, but if I set the language in VirtualBox to French, for example, and create a virtual machine, it will name certain things in French. For example, the storage controller is called "Contrôleur IDE". However, when I use the VBoxManage showvminfo command it shows as "Contr¶leur IDE" (the o with a circumflex gets replaced by a paragraph mark). I have not tried to use the storageattach command yet with this improperly named/displayed controller name, but I suspect I would run into trouble. And, other than me guessing what the name is supposed to be because I know the language well enough, there does not seem to be a way to verify what the name is. If I named it something else more obscure using this apparently incompatible character encoding, I'd have no way to display what it is actually stored as.

Also, descriptions or snapshot names are displayed wrong. The é (e with acute accent) is replaced by a ú (u with acute accent). This happens in both cmd.exe and powershell interfaces.

I wish everyone would just use UTF, but apparently someone here is not and doesn't realize that the other guy is not. I suspect Windows is to blame, but I'm not sure. In the graphical user interface, comments and names continue to appear correctly as I typed them or as they were automatically created if I switch from French to English. However, certain things like the name of the storage controller are not displayed in the GUI.


.\VBoxManage showvminfo browse

Storage Controller Name (0): Contr¶leur IDE

.\VBoxManage showvminfo WS2003R2-sctltest1

Storage Controller Name (0): IDE Controller

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by $roman

Ok, I was wrong. The GUI does show the name of the controller. Well, for whatever it's worth, the CLI in Windows does not display characters outside 7 bit ASCII correctly.

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