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VirtualBox panix on OpenSolaris 135

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Priority: major Component: host support
Version: VirtualBox 3.1.4 Keywords:
Cc: Guest type: Solaris
Host type: Solaris


The short version is that when I accidentally switched from a NATed to Bridged network interface on my OpenSolaris build 135 box, I would panic my system each time I brought up a VirtualBox instance. A little closer look and I had accidentally Bridged on my ipsec tunnel interface. I imagine that this panic would occur bridging any point-to-point link.

I will supply a crash dump upon request. It's too big to attach to the ticket.

[snip] NOTICE: iptun1016 registered NOTICE: iptun1016 link up vboxflt:vboxNetFltSolarisCachePhysAddr: Invalid address size. expected=6 got=4 vboxflt:vboxNetFltSolarisAttachIp4: failed to get MuxFd from MuxId. rc=0 rc2=-2 vboxflt:vboxNetFltSolarisAttachToInterface failed. rc=-3602

panic[cpu2]/thread=ffffff0619bcfc80: BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection) rp=ffffff0027be8760 addr=0

VirtualBox: #gp General protection pid=2708, pc=0xfffffffffbb3f3d5, sp=0xffffff0027be8850, eflags=0x10246 cr0: 8005003b<pg,wp,ne,et,ts,mp,pe> cr4: 6f8<xmme,fxsr,pge,mce,pae,pse,de> cr2: fffffd7ffa30a000 cr3: 2b77e8000 cr8: c

rdi: ffffff0604f8da88 rsi: 40000003 rdx: 1 rcx: 0 r8: ffffff05ef349e88 r9: 0 rax: 0 rbx: 1 rbp: ffffff0027be88c0 r10: 736e6f63692f6572 r11: ffffff060cfd0d28 r12: 0 r13: 40000003 r14: ffffff0604f8da88 r15: 0 fsb: fffffd7fff112a00 gsb: ffffff05f6128540 ds: 4b

es: 4b fs: 0 gs: 0

trp: d err: 0 rip: fffffffffbb3f3d5

cs: 30 rfl: 10246 rsp: ffffff0027be8850 ss: 38

ffffff0027be8640 unix:die+10f () ffffff0027be8750 unix:trap+43e () ffffff0027be8760 unix:cmntrap+e6 () ffffff0027be88c0 genunix:fop_close+6d () ffffff0027be8910 genunix:ldi_close+85 () ffffff0027be8940 vboxflt:vboxNetFltSolarisDetachFromInterface+27 () ffffff0027be8970 vboxflt:vboxNetFltOsDisconnectIt+18 () ffffff0027be89b0 vboxflt:vboxNetFltPortDisconnectAndRelease+4f () ffffff0027be8a10 fffffffff8d3b10b () ffffff0027be8a60 vboxdrv:SUPR0ObjRelease+1b9 () ffffff0027be8a90 fffffffff8d3ad64 () ffffff0027be8ae0 vboxdrv:SUPR0ObjRelease+1b9 () ffffff0027be8b10 fffffffff8d0ab30 () ffffff0027be8b50 fffffffff8d0adab () ffffff0027be8c30 vboxdrv:supdrvIOCtl+d52 () ffffff0027be8d00 vboxdrv:VBoxDrvSolarisIOCtl+359 () ffffff0027be8d40 genunix:cdev_ioctl+45 () ffffff0027be8d80 specfs:spec_ioctl+5a () ffffff0027be8e00 genunix:fop_ioctl+7b () ffffff0027be8f00 genunix:ioctl+18e () ffffff0027be8f10 unix:brand_sys_syscall+1f5 ()

syncing file systems...


dumping to /dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/dump, offset 65536, content: kernel WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci108e,6676@5/disk@0,0 (sd2):

SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command failed (5)

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