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    1 I too would like to see this feature. It can already do this at work with VMWare Workstation, but would rather do it with VirtualBox. The usefulness has been questioned. I can give you another use for it.
    3 I run Windows 7 at work but need to develop software for Windows Phone 8 or later. This cannot be done in Windows 7. It has to be Windows 8 or later, because the emulators and debugging require Hyper-V, which comes in Windows 8 or later. I have no choice about the base OS I can use. At work, I have VMWare Workstation 10 with pass through virtualization, with the Windows 7 host, and a Windows 8 VM with Hyper-V enabled in the guest. It works very well. Again, I like VirtualBox better than VMWare, but cannot use it because of this limitation.
    5 Also, Hyper-V will not play nice with other virtualization solutions on the same Host. So when I want to test something with a Hyper-V server in a distributed environment, I cannot do so with VirtualBox. Even if I get multiple virtualization solutions installed, I have to have multiple boot configurations in order to disable the hyper-visor under certain circumstances. It's really a pain.

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