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    1 CC me too please. Also came here from the Docker tutorial.
    3 This isn't a "need" per-se, VirtualBox has been an invaluable resource for all of my research and development so far, but knowing Docker enough seems to be the standard requirement in my area.
    5 I've been learning Docker in a VM and have used port forwarding but ran into the need for a nested VM when I hit part 4 of their guide. They explicitly used virtualbox to create their nodes so I (now) assume they were on their host.
    7 I generally avoid a messy system full of various dependencies that build up over months/years (that don't always play nice and aren't needed if they were for a one off endeavor) by keeping various research themes separated into their respective images.
    9 For linux I try to keep the bare minimum installed on the host level otherwise getting into various security research areas alone can get incoherent to keep track of, that doesn't include development and other more casual coding.
    11 There's a lot of power in the organization and stability that virtualization brings! For me, the biggest benefit is only being exposed to so many resources and files on a per needs basis. Seeing as the tides have changed and people want cloud, I've been dipping into that a bit myself and even before I officially ran into my first error related to nesting vms, I still had use cases in mind (which was previously addressed using qemu since the recent ones were for arm research anyways, but this is an example of an Extra Layer of separation being nice to have).
    13 Would love to see this implemented and hear about updates. As always, there are still ways to learn and there's nothing stopping me from doing this on the host level. It'd just be something I'd shy away from doing on my own station for anything that isn't strictly educational.
    15 Thank you for all the hard work over the years, I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near as far without vbox.
    17 A side note, I wasn't aware of anything relating to this thread before today but after seeing this thread I read this from the Docker doc on the VirtualBox driver.
    19 "Create machines locally using VirtualBox. This driver requires VirtualBox 5+ to be installed on your host." keyword being host with no mention of guest in the doc. Further reading for those coming from Docker here:
    21 For the Docker folks coming here from Part 4: do keep in mind it makes sense they're demonstrating how to setup nodes using vbox on the host. The main point of the section is to demonstrate how to take two different hosts and have them running as nodes in a cluster. VMs are convenient to record for a demo, but this could easily be multiple physical hosts running multiple vm-wrapped services as a single cluster. "Needing" to do that while just going through a general tutorial is semantics. There are valid reasons to consider nested vms and before further commenting on the Docker doc I would challenge you to think beyond the guide for a use case you could talk about instead.
    23 A few obvious takeaways from this thread are: an increased demand for nested vms due to the rise in cloud computing and containerization, and the team working on the code is doing just that. Things take time and it'd be most constructive to ask to be cc'd on movement providing use cases/personal experiences, or ask for ways one can contribute.
    25 There are a few ideas listed in the thread, an additional question is what should people who want to contribute look into on an abstract level in order to be more prepared to help contribute with the code, or build themselves up enough to be able to?
    27 (sorry for the wall, there's a lot to address)
     1[ignore this comment, read through docs, didn't have --nested-hw-virt available; current dist. was outdated. Upgraded, moving to Success/Failure stories thread]

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