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BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at include/linux/pagemap.h:294

Reported by: erezsx Owned by:
Component: VMM Version: VirtualBox 2.0.4
Keywords: Cc:
Guest type: other Host type: Linux

Description (last modified by frank) (diff)

I'm using Fedora latest version: Fedora release 9.93 (Rawhide)

# uname -a : Linux ws1 #1 SMP Thu Oct 30 00:25:13 EDT
  2008 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

VirtualBox version: VirtualBox-2.0.4_38406_fedora9-1.x86_64

BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at include/linux/pagemap.h:294
in_atomic():0, irqs_disabled():1
Pid: 12810, comm: VirtualBox Tainted: P #1

Call Trace:
 [<ffffffff8103a0a1>] __might_sleep+0xe7/0xec
 [<ffffffff8109dbd6>] lock_page+0x1d/0x3a
 [<ffffffff8109fc92>] handle_mm_fault+0x50d/0x863
 [<ffffffff81352a23>] ? printk+0x3c/0x41
 [<ffffffff81354f14>] ? _spin_unlock_irqrestore+0x27/0x3e
 [<ffffffff8135792c>] do_page_fault+0x67b/0xac9
 [<ffffffff8102d28d>] ? ptep_set_access_flags+0x3b/0x45
 [<ffffffff8109e3db>] ? do_wp_page+0x4cc/0x54b
 [<ffffffff81354d1a>] ? _spin_lock+0x9/0xc
 [<ffffffff8109d9bc>] ? pmd_alloc+0x41/0x7c
 [<ffffffff8109ff2f>] ? handle_mm_fault+0x7aa/0x863
 [<ffffffffa0a50513>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x179d3/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a66f2c>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x2e3ec/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a67146>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x2e606/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a48e4d>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x1030d/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a866f0>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x4dbb0/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a7e5ce>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x45a8e/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a7f33c>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x467fc/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a7e409>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x458c9/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a866f0>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x4dbb0/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a7f87a>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x46d3a/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a8026d>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x4772d/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a83cd0>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x4b190/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffff813551aa>] error_exit+0x0/0x75
 [<ffffffffa0a6a2f2>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x317b2/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a6a2a6>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x31766/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a6b6fe>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x32bbe/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a6a5b7>] g_abExecMemory+0x31a77/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a6a6f2>] g_abExecMemory+0x31bb2/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a6a99c>] g_abExecMemory+0x31e5c/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a4edd5>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x16295/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a5bb4f>] g_abExecMemory+0x2300f/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a565b8>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x1da78/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a5d342>] g_abExecMemory+0x24802/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0aa91cd>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x7068d/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a4e2fd>] g_abExecMemory+0x157bd/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a43a10>] g_abExecMemory+0xaed0/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a6e05a>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x3551a/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a3e9ce>] g_abExecMemory+0x5e8e/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a3eae2>] ? g_abExecMemory+0x5fa2/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a4614c>] g_abExecMemory+0xd60c/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a45e96>] g_abExecMemory+0xd356/0x180000 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a3049b>] supdrvIOCtlFast+0x3f/0x51 [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffffa0a30186>] VBoxDrvLinuxIOCtl+0x3c/0x19c [vboxdrv]
 [<ffffffff8103408c>] ? pick_next_task_fair+0x9d/0xac
 [<ffffffff8103e2a6>] ? finish_task_switch+0x31/0xc9
 [<ffffffff810cb84c>] vfs_ioctl+0x2a/0x78
 [<ffffffff810cbafa>] do_vfs_ioctl+0x260/0x285
 [<ffffffff810cbb74>] sys_ioctl+0x55/0x77
 [<ffffffff8101024a>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b


vbox-oops-081103a.txt.bz2 Download (2.8 KB) - added by erezsx 12 years ago.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by frank

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What did you do before getting this problem?

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by erezsx

I have 2GB RAM Fedora dual core Intel, and I ran 1GB VirtualBox with Solaris (might be stressful for Solaris, but I don't know) and I was running applications/pkg update on the OpenSolaris. The system behaved weird, with a lot of disk activity, what lead me to check the dmesg and sending the bug report. I hope it helps resolving it.

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by frank

erezsx, can you provide more information? Please could you attach the VBox.log file? How often does this bug occur?

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by jeffgus

I am also having this problem. I am currently running Fedora 10. Kernel is I am using VirtualBox 2.0.6_39765_fedora9.

This error appears to be slowing down the virtual machine quite a bit. The errors keep happening over and over and over.

I just rebooted the system and started Virtualbox and booted the virtual machine without the "VT-x/AMD-V" checked. So far no error.

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by frank

  • Component changed from other to VMM
  • Guest type changed from Solaris to other

Yes, this problem occurs with VT-x or AMD-V only. We were able to reproduce it.

comment:6 Changed 11 years ago by lkundrak

comment:7 Changed 11 years ago by frank

  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to fixed

Fixed in 2.1.4.

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