Changes between Version 252 and Version 255 of Ticket #234

12/20/2007 11:37:29 AM (15 years ago)

Updates to Spanish and Polish translations are merged to SVN.

The Dutch translation is added to SVN, but not yet approved (must reach the 50% barrier). lxndr, thank you very much for your initial contribution! Please note that I've changed the language code from nl_NL to just nl (and thus removed the country name from the .ts file) because we came to a conclusion that the differences between nl_NL and e.g. nl_BE would be minimal or no at all in the context of VirtualBox and it's quite acceptable to use the same translation for all nl_* locales.

cartman, thanks for your interest. However, you didn't provide a translated version of built-in Qt library strings (qt_tr.ts) so we cannot accept your VirtualBox_tr.ts so far. Please prepare qt_tr.ts and please attach them as normal files zipped into next time.

david_yacobus, the same requirement (qt_id.ts) is applied to you too. When I get this file, I will put both to the SVN. Also, you still have not licensed your translation. Please do it as described in


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    2020||Italian||it||Ciro Mattia Gonano <ciro/>||OK (comment:24)||100%|| 
    2121||Romanian||ro||Alexandru Ioan Eftimie <alexeftimie/>||OK (comment:25)||100%|| 
    22 ||Spanish||es||Joaquín Duo||OK (comment:28)||96%|| 
     22||Spanish||es||Joaquín Duo||OK (comment:28)||100%|| 
    2323||Arabic||ar||Berdai Mohammed '''(no e-mail)'''||'''needs relicensing'''||25%|| 
    2424||Russian||ru||innotek, Igor Gorbounov, Egor Morozov||(comment:52, comment:47)||100%|| 
    3535||Finnish||fi||Jarno Kiuttu||OK (comment:137)||56%|| 
    3636||Czech||cs||Jan Kaláb <pitel/>, Jan Lipovsky, Ondrej Karlik||OK (comment:183)||100%|| 
    37 ||Dutch||nl||Alexander L. de Goeij '''(no e-mail)'''||''no results yet''||???|| 
     37||Dutch||nl||Alexander L. de Goeij <lxndr/>||OK (comment:163)||10%|| 
    3838||Slovak||sk||Ivan Masár <helix84/>||OK (comment:231)||65%|| 
    3939||Basque||eu||Piarres Beobide <pi/>||OK (comment:211)||99%|| 
    40 ||Catalan||ca||Pau Iranzo (info/||OK (comment:207, comment:248)||100%|| 
    41 ||Indonesian||id||David Yacobus (||''no results yet''||???|| 
     40||Catalan||ca||Pau Iranzo <info/>||OK (comment:207, comment:248)||100%|| 
     41||Indonesian||id||David Yacobus <>||''no results yet''||???|| 
     42||Turkish||tr||Serdar Soytetir <tulliana/>||OK (comment:254)||''no results yet''||
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