Changes between Version 239 and Version 243 of Ticket #234

Oct 31, 2007 9:17:24 AM (17 years ago)
Dmitry A. Kuminov

Updates to the French, Spanish and Serbian translations are merged to SVN. The Serbian translation is now approved.

jean-jacques, when you want to separate ! and ? from the preceding word, please use the &amp;nbsp; seqennce instead of the raw space char when it takes place in RichText items (i.e. items that are enclosed with <p>, <qt> and so on). This is necessary to make sure the ! or ? char doesn't get moved alone to the next line when the text is rewrapped after changing the container size. Note that in simple items (like Dialog and UI element titles) you must use the raw space char because HTML markup isn't understood there.

ozzii, please consider to write your name in Latin in the Comma-separated list of translators field because some systems may not have fonts with Cyrillic and your name will be completely unreadable in this case.

jd, please note that your translation had some syntax errors which I corrected (one translatable item was missing, a few others contained garbage in the <translation> field). Please compare your last attached .ts file with the current SVN version to see what has changed.


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    v239 v243  
    2020||Italian||it||Ciro Mattia Gonano <ciro/>||OK (comment:24)||100%||
    2121||Romanian||ro||Alexandru Ioan Eftimie <alexeftimie/>||OK (comment:25)||100%||
    22 ||Spanish||es||Joaquín Duo||OK (comment:28)||80%||
     22||Spanish||es||Joaquín Duo||OK (comment:28)||84%||
    2323||Arabic||ar||Berdai Mohammed '''(no e-mail)'''||'''needs relicensing'''||25%||
    2424||Russian||ru||innotek, Igor Gorbounov, Egor Morozov||(comment:52, comment:47)||100%||
    3232||Swedish||sv||Daniel Nylander||OK (comment:122)||100%||
    3333||Hungarian||hu||George Hron||OK (comment:136)||83%||
    34 ||Serbian||sr||Ozzii <ozzii.translate/>||OK (comment:234)||100% but '''no qt_sr.ts!!! '''||
     34||Serbian||sr||Ozzii <ozzii.translate/>||OK (comment:234)||100%||
    3535||Finnish||fi||Jarno Kiuttu||OK (comment:137)||56%||
    3636||Czech||cs||Jan Kaláb <pitel/>, Jan Lipovsky, Ondrej Karlik||OK (comment:183)||100%||

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