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Sep 20, 2007 2:12:21 PM (17 years ago)
Dmitry A. Kuminov

Updates to the Romanian and Korean translations are merged to SVN (will appear within some time). Thank you guys!

cromo -- thanks, you are right, but since accelerators will be removed from Cancel keys in all dialogs (since Esc is always a hard-coded shortcut for them), it's no more an issue.

khiav, thank you very much for your help. However, we cannot accept your translation right now because a) there is already a translation by OSS Integral Institute Co, Ltd. in the repository, and your translation doesn't look like an update of this translation. Please contact OSSII and collaborate with them. I can give you their e-mail if you give me yours or contact me at dmik/ b) you didn't license your work properly (see below).

helix84, piarres, Pau, thank you for joining the team of translators, but bear in mind that we cannot use your translations (in particular, include them in the release builds) until they are properly licensed. See for details.

Piarres, your translation is temporarily added to SVN (for your convenience), but once again, it's illegal to use it w/o your public permission. I also ask you to use the Qt Linguist tool for translating instead of a third-party XML editor (I've already explained why somewhere above or on the Translating page). I've corrected some issues manually this time, so please use the version from our SVN ( for further translation.


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    3434||Czech||cs||Jan Kaláb <pitel/>, Jan Lipovsky, Ondrej Karlik||OK (comment:183)||100%||
    3535||Dutch||nl||Alexander L. de Goeij '''(no e-mail)'''||''no results yet''||???||
     36||Slovak||sk||'''helix84? (no-email)'''||''no results yet''||???||
     37||Basque||eu||'''piarres? (no-email)'''||'''not licensed'''||99%||
     38||Catalan||ca||'''Pau?''' (info/||''no results yet''||???||

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