Changes between Version 140 and Version 151 of Ticket #234

Jun 20, 2007 9:31:13 AM (17 years ago)
Dmitry A. Kuminov

The Hungarian and Finnish translations are added to SVN. Updates to the Swedish translation are merged to SVN.

Well done, JJK and hron84! Please keep in mind that in order to continue/update your translations, you need to download the SVN copies of your translation files from this site and continue on them, not on your local copies you attached here!

hron84, I resynchronized your translation with the current sources before adding it, so you don't have to merge manually which added some new translation items and rendered some old ones 'obsolete' (you will see it in the Qt Linguist). From now on you can use any subversion GUI client as a merge tool (to merge your local changes with the current SVN version of the .ts file before attaching a new version here), but just in case here is a good standalone merge tool:

yeager, I've found that your translation is also not made in the Qt Linguist 3. Accidentally I've run it through the Qt Linguist myself (so it's now correct) but please use only the Qt Linguist 3 application to update the .ts file in the future to make sure it conforms to the format expected by Qt 3.


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    2828||Korean||ko||Park Shinjo <peremen/>||OK (||99%||
    2929||Portuguese (Brazil)||pt_BR||Erico Mendonca <erico.mendonca/>||OK (comment:98)||100%||
    30 ||Swedish||sv||Daniel Nylander||OK (comment:122)||~50%||
    31 ||Hungarian||hu||'''qzy? (no e-mail)'''||''no results yet''||???||
     30||Swedish||sv||Daniel Nylander||OK (comment:122)||100%||
     31||Hungarian||hu||George Hron||OK (comment:136)||86%||
    3232||Serbian||sr||'''ozzii? (no e-mail)'''||''no results yet''||???||
    33 ||Finnish||fi||Jarno Kiuttu||''no results yet''||???||
     33||Finnish||fi||Jarno Kiuttu||OK (comment:137)||~30%||

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