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06/19/2007 11:03:26 AM (16 years ago)

hron84 and JJK, thank you very much for your work. However, I have a few remarks on your translations.

To both hron84 and JJK: you took too old translation templates, so your translations are slightly outdated -- you will have to download your .ts files directly from SVN once they appear there and re-translate outdated translation items.

To horn84: please use Qt Linguist 3.x if possible -- I'm not completely sure that Qt Linguist 4 generates 100% backward compatible .ts files, so something may theoretically not work. Also, I stripped off the _HU suffix from file names and removed the country name because it seemed to me that Hungarian language is the same everywhere and doesn't vary depending on the country of usage. If you disagree, please object here. Also, the translation file you've attached contains "Garami Gábor" as the author which doesn't match George Hron. I cannot accept your translation until I've got some reasonable explanation.

To JJK: It looks like you used some text editor to translate the .ts file directly instead of Qt Linguist -- that is possible but makes your life harder. And as a result, there are some errors in your translation like incorrect escaping of special HTML characters (e.g. line #116 in VirtualBox_fi.ts) that results into English text being used instead of the tranlsated one for those items. My suggestion is that you start from the beginning: take a fresh copy of VirtualBox_xx_YY.ts, open it in the Qt Designer and copy-paste there all translations you've already made from the old VirtualBox_fi.ts. Taking into account that you've just started your translation this should be the easiest way to fix all those incorrect escaping errors. Agree?


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