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Troubles with audio in VBox 6.1.19-143492

Reported by: boxer01 Owned by:
Component: audio Version: VirtualBox 6.1.18
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Guest type: Windows Host type: Windows


After testing the newly appeared version I immediately found a bug. If one stops audio playback, the last half second will still play over and over again, endlessly. This reminds me about an old good tickets with host audio output device change during the playback, like #17225 or #18594#comment:31. And some problems after audio backend rewrite back in 5.2. Those issues first appear in the new version and couldn't be found in 6.1.19-143292.

I put my logs and audio dump here. Both my host and my guest are Windows 10 20H2 with patches from March.

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vbox_audio_6.1.19_logs.7z (43.3 KB ) - added by boxer01 3 years ago.
Logs of both versions
vbox_audio_6.1.19-143292.7z (344.1 KB ) - added by boxer01 3 years ago.
Audio of 6.1.19-143292
vbox_audio_6.1.19-143492.7z (498.7 KB ) - added by boxer01 3 years ago.
Audio of 6.1.19-143492 (66.3 KB ) - added by frg 3 years ago.
Same problem Windows 8.1 Host 7x86 vm
VBox_6.1.21-143957_logs.7z (94.4 KB ) - added by boxer01 3 years ago.
Version 6.1.21-143957 logs

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by boxer01, 3 years ago

Attachment: vbox_audio_6.1.19_logs.7z added

Logs of both versions

by boxer01, 3 years ago

Attachment: vbox_audio_6.1.19-143292.7z added

Audio of 6.1.19-143292

by boxer01, 3 years ago

Attachment: vbox_audio_6.1.19-143492.7z added

Audio of 6.1.19-143492

by frg, 3 years ago

Attachment: added

Same problem Windows 8.1 Host 7x86 vm

comment:1 by frg, 3 years ago

Woodpecker sounds here too see

It seems to occur with short sounds mostly. I can clear it by testing the sound via the control panel in the vm.

comment:2 by frg, 3 years ago

Still occurs with 6.1.9 revision 143581 It is not the guest addtions. Even the newer ones seem to work fine with the older 14292 version.

comment:3 by frg, 3 years ago

Still a problem with VirtualBox-6.1.19-143633-Win.

comment:4 by boxer01, 3 years ago

Just tested version 6.1.19 r143678 and this issue is still here.

I think that the testing routine is really important here. I test with these two audio streams (Radio Liberty) and XMPlay. This is an excellent audio player for Windows, and for Internet radio too. One can find a portable version on But if I play the same streams directly in Firefox or if the Firefox is opened when I play this in XMPlay, then everything is fine. So it depends on all this circumstances. This issue can be caused by a short system sounds but not by long ones.

comment:5 by frg, 3 years ago

I think that the testing routine is really important here.

In my Windows 7 Pro vm I can reproduce this easy with using the Sound Control panel item. Just test the Device Connect or Device Disconnect sounds and if not the first time it will happen after a few tries.

There was some stutter before during vm startup but unfortunately now this bug makes the later versions unusable for me :(

in reply to:  5 comment:6 by boxer01, 3 years ago

Replying to frg:

In my Windows 7 Pro vm I can reproduce this easy with using the Sound Control panel item.

Thank you for this tip. But the Windows 8 or 10 Device sounds are longer than the short sounds of the Vista or 7. So this couldn't be used for reproducing the issue in those versions of Windows.

I see a lot of changes for sound staff in the Subversion repository in the last four weeks. This could explain such troubles. The strange thing is that it looks like nobody is monitoring the tickets to see that those changes already causes some issues. And this is the whole meaning behind the development / beta testing.

comment:7 by frg, 3 years ago

Unfortunately not fixed with 6.1.20 already available under downloads. So if we are not the only ones experiencing this it might now get more attention :)

Able to reproduce easy with Server 2016 too. Just clicking thru sounds and the "New Fax" triggered it 100%. Low hum wave here.

Uninstalled and gone back to but if a new log is needed I can reinstall.

comment:8 by ashubisht, 3 years ago

Reproducible with vbox v6.1.20 using host as Windows 10 20H2 Pro and guest as Windows 8.1 Pro. Volume control button on task bar creates very low humming sound. I found that in browser if we play any sound and then pause it (checked with youtube video), then its not echoing repeatedly. But if we close browser while sound was playing, it plays last half second endlesly.

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comment:9 by FrankW, 3 years ago

Confirmed in version 6.1.20. Running Windows 10 Guest on Windows 10 Host. Blue Iris running on guest. Close app. Sound keeps playing on host until Audio Output is unchecked in guest. Re-enabling Audio Output on guest does not continue the phantom sound.

comment:10 by FrankW, 3 years ago

Tried Windows Media Player in Windows 7 guest. Same problem/resolution as above.

comment:11 by Banana James, 3 years ago

Same issue here on 6.1.20 release version with W10 host and W7 guest. Downgrading back to 6.1.18.

comment:12 by boxer01, 3 years ago

Because of many changes in the audio code in the last days, I created new logs and audio debug files. Hopefully this would help developers to find the source of this nondrying sound source. This is from version 6.1.21-143957.


by boxer01, 3 years ago

Attachment: VBox_6.1.21-143957_logs.7z added

Version 6.1.21-143957 logs

comment:13 by hhmmoo, 3 years ago

For me, 6.1.18 is working fine. Same issue of repeating last ½ second audio with 6.1.20 and 6.1.22. Unrelated to guest additions. Unrelated to application used in the guest - it even occurs with console bell. W10 20H2 latest patches host and guest here.

comment:14 by Brian Gregory, 3 years ago

Same problem here. Windows 7 64 bit host, Windows 7 32 bit guest. Reverted to 6.1.18 for now.

comment:15 by chad_vb, 3 years ago

Noting same repeating sound issue for me for a Windows 10 20H2 host with Windows 7 x64 guest both on VB 6.1.22. Still reviewing another issue too with keyboard key presses getting lost or stuck on this and another host installation. Was already thinking time to revert.

comment:16 by Nosenoise, 3 years ago

Seconded, I have this problem on Win10 20H2 x64 host and guest. It began immediately after upgrade to VB 6.1.22. It never occurred prior to 6.1.22 for me.

comment:17 by deepend, 3 years ago

My virtual box was working fine on Friday. Something happened and I am seeing this issue now. I have one of my VB working correctly and the others are not. I tried to clone the one working and installed the other software on it. Getting the last 1/2 second going again. At first it was way worse than where I am at now, the pinging sound was blocking other sounds. I turned on the audio debug and the sounds are no longer blocking. It sure makes my life difficult. I am in 6.1.22 r144080

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comment:18 by martiniturbide, 3 years ago


I'm experiencing a similar issue with OS/2 Warp 4.52 (ArcaOS 5.0.6) guest , while using the "Intel HD Audio".

With VirtualBoox 6.1.14 (Windows 10 host) and OS/2 guest I didn't have this issue. When I updated to 6.1.19 and 6.1.22 the issue started for this audio adapter.

The issue is that the sound gets played, but at the end it keep looping the last half second of the sound.

For the moment my workaround is to switch the audio of the VM to "ICH AC97".


comment:19 by boxer01, 3 years ago

As of version 6.1.23-145004, this bug finally disappears. But now I have found another one, which looks similar to an old one from #17225: if I change the host output from speaker to the Bluetooth headphones, the sound of VBox goes to the headphones. Then I change back and the VBox sounds also goes to the speakers. But the next time I repeat the change to Bluetooth, the VBox ignores it. The sound form the host and programs, running on the host played in the Bluetooth headphones, but the sound from VBox is lost. If I turn the BT headphones off, the VBox sound returns to the speakers, but I can't get the VBox sound to the Bluetooth anymore. The only way is to save and restore the VM state or to turn the VM off and then on (restart).

All information about how I test the sound in VBox is in this (comment 4) and other ticket.

comment:20 by frg, 3 years ago

The bug is not fully fixed. Maybe 90% which is good enough. Short sounds like the ones for devices in the Windows 7 sound panel still want to loop but are cut after about a second max.

So thanks but I would not close the ticket yet.

comment:21 by Brian Gregory, 3 years ago

It was always worse on the short sounds. Longer sounds usually played correctly. I don't think they're working on this yet :(

comment:22 by frg, 3 years ago

6.1.23 r145326 seems to have the orginal problem now fixed.

Thank you.

comment:23 by Brian Gregory, 3 years ago

Agreed. 6.1.23 r145326 fixes it for me too.

comment:24 by boxer01, 3 years ago

This one could be closed. For the new bug, I filed a new ticket. #20431

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