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I18N progress 2.0

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This is a continuation of ticket:234 which is intended for two purposes:

  1. Submit new translation source files by attaching them to this ticket.
  2. Report about performing synchronization of existing translation source files in the SVN repository.

Step 1 is done by contributors willing to add support for a new language to the VirtualBox product. An accepted translation file appears in the SVN repository and becomes available in the binary builds. Even after that, contributors remain responsible for updating translation files to keep them in sync with updates to the VirtualBox UI.

Step 2 is performed by the GUI maintainer at innotek before a new release (or after a major UI change) to inform contributors that translation files need to be updated.

Please read the document describing the translation process in detail  here.

The current list of translators:

languageidauthorslegal status%%
English (built-in)built_ininnotekOK (internal)100%
GermandeinnotekOK (internal)99%
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)zh_TWOSSII(OSS Integral Institute Co, Ltd.)OK (comment:81)100%
Chinese (China)zh_CNVictor Wang(comment:92)100%
ItalianitCiro Mattia Gonano <ciro/>OK (comment:24)100%
RomanianroAlexandru Ioan Eftimie <alexeftimie/>OK (comment:25)100%
SpanishesJoaquín DuoOK (comment:28)100%
ArabicarBerdai Mohammed (no e-mail)needs relicensing25%
Russianruinnotek, Igor Gorbounov, Egor Morozov(comment:52, comment:47)100%
SlovenianslJLP? (no e-mail)no results yet???
FrenchfrJean-Jacques Sarton <jj.sarton/>OK (comment:33)100%
JapanesejaToshimitsu TanakaOK (comment:75)100%
PolishplAdrian Łubik <adrian5632/>, Dawid Wrobel <cromo/>OK (comment:78, comment:80, comment:174)100%
KoreankoPark Shinjo <peremen/>OK (comment:224)99%
Portuguese (Brazil)pt_BRErico Mendonca <erico.mendonca/>OK (comment:98)100%
PortugueseptJosé Melo <mmodem00/>, Marcelo Coelho <marcelocoelho/>OK (comment:230, comment:275)100%
SwedishsvDaniel NylanderOK (comment:122)100%
HungarianhuGeorge HronOK (comment:136)83%
SerbiansrOzzii <ozzii.translate/>OK (comment:234)100%
FinnishfiJarno Kiuttu, Timo JyrinkiOK (comment:137, comment:263)57%
CzechcsJan Kaláb <pitel/>, Jan Lipovsky, Ondrej KarlikOK (comment:183)100%
DutchnlAlexander L. de Goeij <lxndr/>OK (comment:163)10%
SlovakskIvan Masár <helix84/>, Jozef Říha <jose1711@…>OK (comment:231, comment:309)85%
BasqueeuPiarres Beobide <pi/>OK (comment:211)99%
CatalancaPau Iranzo <info/>OK (comment:207, comment:248)100%
IndonesianidDavid Yacobus <david_yacobus/>OK (ICA by mail)100%
TurkishtrSerdar Soytetir <tulliana/>OK (comment:254, comment:256)98%
DanishdaTenzer? (no e-mail)no results yet???
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