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Oct 27, 2009 1:39:16 PM (14 years ago)
Christian Pötzsch

Merged Dutch, Spanish, Slovak & Romanian translations. Thanks for your great work.

Re geertseb: I added you as the new maintainer for Dutch but I'm a bit confused who is working currently on the Dutch translation. According to comments 86, 111, 112 there where more people requesting for this job. Would be nice if you could coordinate your work & inform me about the status. Regardless of this thanks for your work.

Re gumstic: As Spiros Vlachos doesn't work on Greek in the last year & the translation file is almost empty I assume its Ok when you start working on it. Please see this instructions & don't forget to release your work under MIT when you first upload something.


  • Ticket #2018 – Description

    v123 v128  
    2121||Italian||it||Ciro Mattia Gonano <ciro/>, Vincenzo Reale <smart2128/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:24, comment:50)||100%||
    2222||Romanian||ro||Alexandru Ioan Eftimie <alexeftimie/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:25)||100%||
    23 ||Spanish||es||Joaquín Duo||OK (comment:ticket:234:28)||100%||
     23||Spanish||es||Joaquín Duo, David Gonzalez||OK (comment:ticket:234:28)||100%||
    2424||Galician||gl_ES||Enrique Estévez (||OK (comment:122)||100%||
    2525||Arabic||ar||Berdai Mohammed '''(no e-mail)'''||'''needs relicensing'''||25%||
    2828||French||fr||Sun Microsystems, Jean-Jacques Sarton <jj.sarton/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:33)||100%||
    2929||Japanese||ja||Toshimitsu Tanaka||OK (comment:ticket:234:75)||100%||
    30 ||Polish||pl||Adrian Łubik <adrian5632/>, Dawid Wrobel <cromo/>, Wiktor Wandachowicz||OK (comment:ticket:234:78, comment:ticket:234:80, comment:ticket:234:174, comment:64)||100%||
     30||Polish||pl||Adrian ¿ubik <adrian5632/>, Dawid Wrobel <cromo/>, Wiktor Wandachowicz||OK (comment:ticket:234:78, comment:ticket:234:80, comment:ticket:234:174, comment:64)||100%||
    3131||Korean||ko||Park Shinjo <peremen/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:224)||99%||
    3232||Portuguese (Brazil)||pt_BR||Erico Mendonca <erico.mendonca/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:98)||100%||
    3737||Finnish||fi||Jarno Kiuttu, Timo Jyrinki, Ilkka Tuohela||OK (comment:ticket:234:137, comment:ticket:234:263, comment:49)||57%||
    3838||Czech||cs||Jan Kaláb <pitel/>, Jan Lipovsky, Ondrej Karlik||OK (comment:ticket:234:183)||100%||
    39 ||Dutch||nl||Alexander L. de Goeij <lxndr/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:163)||10%||
    40 ||Slovak||sk||Ivan Masár <helix84/>, Jozef Říha <>||OK (comment:ticket:234:231, comment:ticket:234:309)||85%||
     39||Dutch||nl||Ebel Geertsema, Alexander L. de Goeij <lxndr/>||OK (comment:123 + 1, comment:ticket:234:163)||10%||
     40||Slovak||sk||Ivan Masár <helix84/>, Jozef ¿íha <>||OK (comment:ticket:234:231, comment:ticket:234:309)||85%||
    4141||Basque||eu||Piarres Beobide <pi/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:211)||99%||
    4242||Catalan||ca||Pau Iranzo <info/>||OK (comment:ticket:234:207, comment:ticket:234:248)||100%||

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