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    993) a temporal freeze with "formats 0x1 to 'UTF8_STRING'" and "VERR_TIMEOUT" in the log, mentioned by me, @Borrelworst, @simonc and everybody else. It doesn't cause guest to abort or crash on the testbuild. It is not a permanent freeze, it is just a slight delay (i.e. TIMEOUT) guest continue to run absolutely normal before and after it. This VERR_TIMEOUT was in the logs all the time, 6.1.16 and the testbuild. It seems that you didn't touch it by your patches. To reproduce I just run the WinXP guest, abuse it in some way (kill and run VBoxTray.exe etc) and then copy unicode string from guest to host.
     11People running the 6.1.16 observe (1) and (3), and confuse one with another.
     12Me, running the testbuild observe (2) and (3).
     13I hope this is sorted out by this comment.
    1115I think you should try to run WinXP guest with installed guest additions on linux host (Ubuntu 20.04.1 Gnome in my case) running testbuild, and leave it running in the background for 12 hours or so. You would observe either (2) or (3) freezes. If not then... well... I don't know, the (3) seems like a very easy reproducible bug and everyone here is mentioning it.

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