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    1111According to the settings the host system turns monitor off after 1 minute idle.
    1212The guest sound stops working after host turns on monitor again. Furthermore the video in guest system becomes slow motion. As mentioned by [ James Fade] the last portion of sound gets looped infinitely.
     15It seems to me that the issue happens if Windows 10 (host) chages the active audio output device. I have a notebook with speakers, a monitor with speakers (audio over HDMI) and bluetooth headphones. If I change the output device using volume control icon in the taskbar (see image)[[BR]]
     17the guest system audio gets redirected as expected. After few switching I can hear a light distortion of the guest system sound but in generelly it works fine.
     18But if the active audio device is switched in another way the issue occurs reproducible. I hear either a last sound portion repeatedly or no sound at all. Under "another way" I mean e.g.:
     19* the host system turns monitor off (HDMI link gets down as well as HDMI audio) and the next available audio device becomes active.
     20* connecting bluetooth headphones (the headphones become active audio device)
     21* disconnecting blootooth headphones

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