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    11As far as I can see (I am not actually our Qt person, Linux/X11 is more my area, and Qt as far as it intersects with those), when we ask Qt to resize the main window it proactively resizes all the sub-windows - of which it, not we controls the geometry - assuming that the resize request will succeed.  Finding the best way of telling that the request failed, probably by breaking into Qt's event queue before it can filter the event out (if that is indeed what is happening) to at least nullify the effect as you put it would be one way.  A separate code path on X11 hosts calling xcb_configure_window() directly rather than setting the geometry through Qt, so that Qt only learns about the change from the resize event, would be another - and hoping that there are no unwanted side effects.
     3Again, assuming that my analysis is actually right, which is definitely not guaranteed at this point.
    35I am currently going through the Qt code trying to follow the paths; unfortunately Qt is like C++ in that respect: to understand it properly you need to devote your whole time to it, and not try to do other things in parallel, like using it to create applications.

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