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    1717I also have patched themes, running this on Windows 8.1. I highly doubt Oracle is to blame on this. This doesn't seem like a bug in the program, we are the ones modifying our systems to allow unofficial themes. In other words, this is not a bug in the program, so there is nothing for them to fix. If anyone is to blame is Microsoft, for not allowing a better customization on their systems, forcing us to alter the system in a probably not even legal way to make it look better. Perhaps we should go to Microsoft and complain directly to them instead.
    19 As for now, I think we only have three choices:
     19As for now, I think we only have four choices:
    2121- Unpatch Windows themes, and stick to the classic theme. Boring, but functional.
    2222- Unpatch Windows themes, and use a custom shell. Loads the system with more services and processes, but looks better and is also functional.
    2323- Do not unpatch Windows themes. Use another virtualization software, or use a Linux distribution  instead for virtualization.
     24- The hardest: grab the source, make a clone, and do it in a way that bypasses this error somehow, if it's possible.

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