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linux host multiple screens windows guest spanning screens fails when restarted

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Priority: minor Component: GUI
Version: VirtualBox 4.1.16 Keywords: w7 multiple monitors linux
Cc: Guest type: Windows
Host type: Linux


i have a linux host running a w7 guest. i normally run this guest at full size spanning both monitors on my two monitor setup. when i restart the guest it only expands to one of the two monitors. i need to manually resize to fit across both monitors again. this has happened for many releases.

virtualbox details:

version 4.1.20 r80170 with matching extensions and guest extensions. runtime attributes are:

Screen Resolution 2392x1822x32 VT-x/AMD-V Enabled Nested Paging Enabled Guest Additions 4.1.16r78094 Guest OS Type Windows 7 Remote Desktop Server Port Not Available

guest details

w7 with three virtual screens.

host details:

the linux host (ubuntu 11.04 up to date) consists of two monitors joined w/o xinerama (e.g. when i hit expand to full screen, windows expand only to the size of a single screen, not both of them). if it matters, i'm rotating both monitors 90 to vertical position. i'll attach my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file if given the chance later.

i have six virtual screens using gnome arranged in a 3x2 grid. the top three virtual screens are assigned to one each of the three virtual guest screens.

when i boot my guest it always starts with the three virtual guest monitors on the same host monitor. each virtual guest monitor is tiny. i have to stretch it across the entire display spanning both guest monitors and then move it to the correct gnome virtual monitor.

if i do nothing, all three guest monitors will be started on whatever gnome host monitor i started the guest on. each guest monitor will expand to it's remembered size, but only one one of the two screens. i must then grab an edge of the virtual guest monitor and drag it across to the other screen.

i realize there are a lot of moving pieces here and i am happy to add some additional pictures if someone is interested in it.

i have a work around which is to move the screen around where i want them. it's just getting to be a royal pita and i thought you might not know about this issue since it's been around for so long already so i decided to forward it.

also... i stupidly created 'winksmit' as my nick, but i typed it too fast and it should be 'winksmith' (missing the 'h'). if someone could fix that, it'd be super. thanks.


xorg.conf Download (2.3 KB) - added by winksmit 20 months ago.
my xorg.conf to help describe my X11 setup
gnome-window-browser.png Download (3.7 KB) - added by winksmit 20 months ago.
visual description of my window setup. each of the six blocks consists of two monitors.

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Changed 20 months ago by winksmit

my xorg.conf to help describe my X11 setup

Changed 20 months ago by winksmit

visual description of my window setup. each of the six blocks consists of two monitors.

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