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10.5.8 + 4.1.16 r78094 = out of memory?

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Component: other Version: VirtualBox 4.1.16
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Guest type: Linux Host type: Mac OS X


After upgrading to 4.1.16 r78094, guests won't run without rebooting my machine. Activity Monitor shows I have 2+ gig free, and my guest is set to us 1024meg.

excerpt from .vbox file: <Memory RAMSize="1024" PageFusion="false"/>

If I quit all programs, no go. If I reboot, then the VM will start.

Any suggestions would be helpful, Bill

Error pop up: Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Centos 6.2 - X.

Failed to load VMMR0.r0 (VERR_NO_MEMORY).

Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) Component: Console Interface: IConsole {1968b7d3-e3bf-4ceb-99e0-cb7c913317bb}

VBox.log: VirtualBox 4.1.16 r78094 darwin.x86 (May 22 2012 14:36:30) release log 00:00:00.977 Log opened 2012-05-25T17:35:40.811245000Z 00:00:00.977 OS Product: Darwin 00:00:00.977 OS Release: 9.8.0 00:00:00.977 OS Version: Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Wed Jul 15 16:55:01 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1228.15.4~1/RELEASE_I386 00:00:00.979 DMI Product Name: MacBookPro3,1 00:00:00.980 DMI Product Version: 1.0 00:00:00.981 Host RAM: 4096MB RAM, available: 2063MB 00:00:00.981 Executable: /Applications/ 00:00:00.981 Process ID: 3589 00:00:00.981 Package type: DARWIN_32BITS_GENERIC 00:00:00.981 Installed Extension Packs: 00:00:00.981 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack (Version: 4.1.16 r78094; VRDE Module: VBoxVRDP) 00:00:01.005 pdmR3LoadR0U: pszName="VMMR0.r0" rc=VERR_NO_MEMORY szErr="supLoadModule returned VERR_NO_MEMORY" 00:00:01.005 VMSetError: /Users/vbox/tinderbox/4.1-mac-rel/src/VBox/VMM/VMMR3/VM.cpp(591) int vmR3CreateU(UVM*, uint32_t, int (*)(VM*, void*), void*); rc=VERR_NO_MEMORY 00:00:01.005 VMSetError: Failed to load VMMR0.r0 00:00:01.006 ERROR [COM]: aRC=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) aIID={1968b7d3-e3bf-4ceb-99e0-cb7c913317bb} aComponent={Console} aText={Failed to load VMMR0.r0 (VERR_NO_MEMORY)}, preserve=f alse 00:00:01.090 Power up failed (vrc=VERR_NO_MEMORY, rc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0X80004005)) 00:00:01.380 ERROR [COM]: aRC=E_ACCESSDENIED (0x80070005) aIID={1968b7d3-e3bf-4ceb-99e0-cb7c913317bb} aComponent={Console} aText={The virtual machine is not powered up}, preserve=false

VBoxSVC.log: 00:00:00.235 nspr-2 Loading settings file "/Volumes/VMS/Centos 6.2 - X - Django 1.4/Centos 6.2 - X - Django 1.4.vbox" with version "1.12-macosx" 00:00:02.656 nspr-2 ERROR [COM]: aRC=VBOX_E_INVALID_VM_STATE (0x80bb0002) aIID={5eaa9319-62fc-4b0a-843c-0cb1940f8a91} aComponent={Machine} aText={Machine is not locked for session (session state: Unlocked)}, preserve=false 00:00:03.418 nspr-2 ERROR [COM]: aRC=VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80bb0005) aIID={5eaa9319-62fc-4b0a-843c-0cb1940f8a91} aComponent={SessionMachine} aText={Saved screenshot data is not available (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)}, preserve=false

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